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Abby McCulloch Mund, CMP, May 2022

Abby McCulloch Mund

By: Becca Burns | Jul 11, 2022

Please give a warm central Texas style welcome to our July Volunteer of the Month: Abby McCulloch Mund! Just like this summer, she’s been coming in hot as a new volunteer helping write communication pieces and social media posts for the chapter. Abby joins the Board of Directors this year as the Director of Social Media.

Abby fell in love with the meetings industry when she interned for a meeting planner in college. As of five years ago, she’s an independent meeting planner with a few team members and growing her planning agency called AM Planning. She has a passion for working with Association clients to further their mission and goals while giving them assistance and support with events. Abby someday sees herself expanding into supporting small business as well.

Abby's FamilyShe’s been married for almost 4 years and has two ‘low-rider’ dogs that she loves dearly, a Corgi named June and a Dachshund named Lorrie. Abby loves to organize, is an American history nerd, and enjoys being outdoors going kayaking, hiking, and to the lake. She is also expecting her first child in September!

A fun fact, she found out about her pregnancy on a trip to Hawaii while snorkeling at night with Manta Rays. Many of them were coming up and circling her and it turns out they can detect early pregnancy. Who knew?!

We wish Abby well in her new roles on our MPI Texas Hill Country Chapter Board and as ‘Mom’ and we appreciate her service to our chapter.



Becca Burns
Becca Burns





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