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Elizabeth Hundley - December 2021


By: LaChelle Evans | Jan 13, 2022

Let’s make a New Year’s toast to our volunteer of the month, Elizabeth Hundley.

Liz has been a member of MPI since 2004 and is a wonderful industry partner for MPI Texas Hill Country Cchapter, serving as a member and former board member. She also offers to host board meetings and events for the organization.

Liz spends her days as Department Chair at Austin Community College and as an instructor for their Hospitality Management Program. She is very passionate about her work and says hosting industry events allows her to bridge her profession with her volunteerism – showcasing the skills she teaches in class while also, potentially, showcasing new opportunities to her students. Her goal is to help her students get into the industry. Her idea of success is watching them succeed!

Liz loves the water and is currently rowing through life with her husband, Bob. They have five adult children between them, as well as three lovely chicken girls who lay them eggs and squawk a lot.

Our little mermaid Liz is the President of Austin Rowing Club. She and her husband also own a kayak business which they use to help advance outreach programs to organizations by connecting people with nature. Some of their activities include hosting physical education classes and after school programs for the Boys & Girls Club, allowing kids an opportunity to experience the water firsthand.

When Liz is not teaching hospitality, she’s enjoying it. She and her husband have traveled to Italy, Alaska, Belize and Costa Rica, to name a few. But her all-time favorite destination is New York City because there’s so much there to enjoy. Moving forward, the couple resolves to gear their vacations towards places where they can play a few rounds of golf, which is also something they love.

Cheers to Liz, Happy New Year, and here’s to getting back to travel in 2022!



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