How an Events Company Survived Covid-19

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By: Hannah Lee | Oct 14, 2021

JW Events Ltd, as an events company, have survived the worst pandemic ever.

When everything ground to a halt in the “events world” in March 2020, they wondered how they were going to survive and have a company at the end of it all?

They dabbled into the virtual world of conferences, meetings and comedy evenings and as these were only small events, they needed to think about diversifying into a different area.

As Christmas 2020 was looking very unlikely to go ahead, their MD Wayne Moss came up with an idea of offering hampers instead of Christmas parties.

JW Events Ltd then struck up a great working relationship with a reputable hamper company and off they went searching for new clients. They sold hampers as a thank you to staff for the dreadful year during Covid, as Christmas presents, Well Being hampers, hampers to accompany virtual events and also snack boxes.

For the company directors who fell within the Excluded Section, they would have struggled to survive but thanks to diversifying, they are still here to tell the tale.

JW Events Ltd remark that the fourth quarter of 2021 has become busy, thankfully with many companies preferring face to face events - however there are still companies out there whose staff are still working at home. Therefore in addition to organising events now, JW Events Ltd are still offering hampers in general, not just for Christmas.


Hannah Lee


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