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By: Hannah Lee | Oct 21, 2021

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Through several client debriefs, Brands at Work have identified that while everyone moved to a world of virtual/hybrid events due to Covid, they have provided customers a valuable resource for wider attendance and flexible solutions for delegates to attain relevant content, without losing time from the office.

Regardless of the execution, engagement is key. Brands at Work learned so much about human behaviour in the virtual world, which recent Micebook and C&IT Award wins can attest to, that they’ve put together an “Unlocking the Possibilities of Hybrid” workshop, highlighting the benefits you can expect to see from a well-executed experience – regardless of a pandemic!

With a challenger mindset, Brands at Work design and deliver internal and external creative communications events across virtual, hybrid and live environments. Despite the challenges of the epidemic, they are sharper in creativity, technical prowess, and content creation than ever!

A limited number of free workshops are available to our corporate planners, providing tangible and practical skills on how to improve your hybrid events and digital communications. They have received 100% positive feedback from brands who have implemented several of the principles.

Want to hear more? Book in your workshop at erica.pew@baw.live

Website: www.baw.live
Instagram: @Brandsatwork
LinkedIn: @Brands at Work
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Hannah Lee


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