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Power Breakfast - A Meeting Before Meetings

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By: Thomas Gabriel, Upstate New York Blogger | Feb 22, 2019

Have you ever rushed by the front desk of a hotel, grabbed a coffee, quick bite and out the door? Or maybe as a hotelier you see this occurrence daily? With phone apps and immediate service, it’s a time when grab-and-go is the trend. However, there may be an opportunity to slow down and make the morning more productive.

It is commonly said that mornings are the only part of the day we truly control. Once we head out the door or into the office, we can be pulled in a many different directions. This can lead to original agendas and tasks being changed, resulting in missed opportunities. This is why it is important to make sure that if there is a key meeting to be had, it is done first thing. Our minds tend to be the freshest in the morning, with no prior stresses weighing us down. The items discussed will resonate with each individual throughout the day and make for a longer lasting impression. These impactful meetings are referred to as a power breakfast. 

Power breakfast is a term coined by Preston Robert Tisch, who co-founded Loews hotel chain, in 1975 . While the idea may not be new, it seems more innovative now than ever.  Many hotels offer comfortable spaces for a power breakfast to take place. They are equipped with USB ports, free Wi-Fi, friendly service and various menu options. There is often no cost to these spaces, except whatever breakfast items are purchased. This can help with travel budget, as a private boardroom typically has a rental fee. On the hotel side, some food and beverage revenue can be captured. Hotels will also gain exposure to more people, who may not be current guests, but have the potential for future business. These meetings generate a lively lobby or dining area and attract those looking to experience a high energy environment. 

If associates or convention attendees are staying at a hotel, it can be a great opportunity to meet prior to heading into a conference or long day of meetings. If the hotel guest is meeting with a local person, it works well to invite them to the hotel for breakfast. The local individual then can stop by early; prior to heading into the office, out on sales calls or attending to the reason the guest is in town. No matter the situation, a power breakfast can make a big impression. It can be the difference between being just another get together in the day and being a strong meeting that stimulates change.  It is important to separate from the fast paced environment of today and a power breakfast may be the way to do it.

[1] Trejo, N. (2015, October 12). Power breakfast, the most productive meal of the day. USA Today, p. 3B.



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Thomas Gabriel, Upstate New York Blogger

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