Free Access to Create a Personalized CMP Action Plan Course
Free Access to Self-Paced Online Course until 7/7/20
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Free Online Course Available Now until 7/7/20: Create a Personalized CMP Action Plan

July 8, 2020
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Virtual - Register for Link
MPI Upstate NY & Event Solutions Institute

MPI Upstate NY has made special arrangements with Event Solutions Institute
for you to have free access to their “Create A Personalized CMP Action Plan” self-paced online course. 

About the CMP Program

In today’s hospitality industry, Meeting Professionals need to use all the tools at their disposal to reach maximized career potential. As the premier certification in the industry, the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) program is a mark of excellence in comprehensive events management. 

Earning the CMP leads to:

- Increased knowledge

- Enhanced Credibility

- Improved Earnings

- Personal Achievement

 The CMP credential is recognized globally as a badge of excellence Qualifications are based on:

- Professional Experience

- Education

- Rigorous Exam 

Are you considering becoming a CMP? 

Step One- Create a Personalized CMP Action Plan. MPI UNY has made special arrangements with Event Solutions Institute for you to have free access to their “Create a Personalized CMP Action Plan” self-paced online course. 

Step Two- Once you complete the course you’ll be invited to attend the
July 8th 30-minute live mentoring session with Ellen Maiara,
 CMP, DES, Chief Solutions Office of Event Solutions Management.

Step Three- Decide if the Event Solutions Institute Online Course is right for you and be well on your way to earning your CMP! 

Please Note: Step one and two are complimentary and will help you decide if
pursing the CMP designation is right for you. There is a cost of $450 to enroll in the
Event Solutions Institute 15 week online course.

 Delivering Results

Over the past 15 years, Event Solutions Management (ESM) and Ellen Maiara, CMP, DES have trained thousands of CMPs, world-wide, toward CMP exam success.



Wednesday, July 8, 2020 @ 4:00 PM

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