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Message From Your Board of Directors


Dear MPI WestField Chapter Members:    Mike Fiorentino


I am excited to re-join the MPI WestField Board of Directors as the President for the 2022-2023 term. 


You may not know this, but I am a founding member of the MPI WestField Chapter. The support and connections fostered through MPI are invaluable. There is so much merit in connection and growth, especially amongst our membership and the local community.


The Board and I welcome your participation in whatever form you can offer. Please volunteer, reach out, ask questions. I understand it has been a difficult few years for the Chapter and I wanted to ensure that the Board is working to restore your trust and faith in MPI Westfield.  We are going to focus on three areas, and we need your help:


  1. Provide quality educational programs locally.

  2. Grow membership that represents our community (Fairfield and Westchester County).

  3. Build networking opportunities to foster relationships between planners and suppliers.


Let's make MPI WestField a premiere chapter again! 



Mike Fiorentino

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