2020-2021 Board Slate Announcement
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Dear Members:

I am delighted to be the President of the MPI WestField chapter for fiscal year 2020-2021.

Although we face unprecedented issues in the industries that constitute our membership, I am confident that we will persevere and then grow stronger. The WestField chapter enjoys a rich history of dedicated leadership and support from some of the industry’s top minds and to this day they remain very involved in our chapter in so many ways.

As our economy shifts in response to Covid 19 we will also tailor our approach to valuable content that is offered to our membership.  Strong education courses and networking has always been the backbone of this chapter and that will continue in new formats as we move forward.

While we have not met face to face for many months now we have been able to keep members connected, informed and engaged with weekly meetings. “Lunch Bunch” events have been offered complimentary and they have been vital to allowing both socialization and updates on new developments and key industry trends.  Our top caliber education programs will continue in a virtual format as we look forward to the time that it is safe for in person events.

I owe a debt of support to the previous chapter leaders who have left WestField in a good fiscal situation.  I will work hard and creatively in order to sustain and then to flourish this small but mighty chapter.

Thank you for your dedication and support!  Go WestField!


Mark Speranza, President


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