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Message From Your Board of Directors


Pia Carpenter

Dear MPI WestField Chapter,


It is with a grateful heart I say THANK YOU!


When I took on the role as President Elect in 2017-2018, I was ready for one year of service 2018 – 2019  and then we added another year of service 2019 – 2020, making it two years of service. 


It has been an honor and joy serving our Members.  Attending in 2016 CBS which stands for Chapter Business Submit, the one big take away for me was “Always do what is right for our Membership”  and in serving these past two years, I humbly share with you that is what we did.  I say “we” as I am a firm believer that it’s not just the President who makes things happens it’s the entire Board that is irreplaceable.  Throughout my term, I was sure to involve the Board and introduced the Board to so many of you.  I wanted to ensure you knew who they were and knew the time and energy they gave to make things happen for our Membership and our chapter.


I take this moment to THANK and ACKNOLWEDGE the past two Boards.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication and trusting in me as we had to make several “RESTARTS” and “MAKE THINGS RIGHT”  moments.  We faced challenges and also conquered change.  Together we brought about so many wonderful accomplishments for our Chapter and without your support this would not have been possible.…..I APPRECIATE EACH AND EVERYONE ONE OF YOU!


To our Past Presidents, you are the wizards behind the curtain.  I admire your continued dedication, resources and support for our Chapter.  We had some Fire Drills and each and every one of you stepped back in to giving a helping hand.  THANK YOU and my respects to you.


To our Chapter Admin, Cee, Thank you for all your work and consistent support of our Members and Board.  We will always have fond memories and Thank you for your professionalism and friendship.


To our Members, we do everything for you and in turn here to support and help you.  Although we early on became the epicenter of Covid 19.  We reconnected through our MPI Lunch Bunch on Wednesday’s at Noon.  This is when we connected as Family and from the heart to do what we do best Educate, Network and know “We are all in this together”!   Most of you have received a call or I left

a voicemail and some of you will be receiving one this week.  We want to make sure we have connected with all our members.


With this, I ask that we all give a virtual hug and warm Welcome to our 2020 – 2021 MPI WestField Chapter President Mark Speranza!


Again, Thank you and forever our Chapter will have a piece of my heart, and I official become Immediate Past President of MPI WestField.


Virtual hugs,






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