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Connections Campaign

Connecting is Effecting … your business, relationships, ideas, development, and collaborations! 



Year-to-Date Connections: 29
Value of Connections Year-to-Date:  $518,000


Our vision and mission as a member-centric organization are focused on building those personal and business connections for you, connecting you to knowledge and ideas, relationships, and marketplaces. It’s about supporting each other, and helping each other to BUY MPI. 

Some of us are aware of the business that is exchanged within the chapter but is everyone?  This is the chance to share and connect with your peers.  Whether your connection is planner to planner, planner to supplier, supplier to planner, or supplier to supplier- we want to hear about it!

You can choose to remain anonymous if preferred, but please submit your connections using the link above. If you have any questions, contact our Connections Campaign Chair, at

“We are grateful for the relationships we’ve made with the wonderful fellow members of MPI WestField! Not only are they appreciative of our participation with the organization and so nice to work with, but our membership has brought us new business and referrals. For example, I worked closely with Robin Gardner at Deloitte on the MPIWC fundraising committee, and Robin has brought in our DJ, decorator, games, photo booths and artists for Deloitte's holiday parties and other events, and refers us to her colleagues as well. MPIWC members actively support and recommend each other to others in the industry - we try to do the same. We love their motto, “Buy MPI!” It’s what networking organizations like this are all about!”

Kerry Cambria

Ralph Rood Events

Music, Entertainment, Décor & More for Meetings/Events

“MPI Westfield chapter gave us the platform and audience to drive the Kapow message to a group that truly understands and appreciates the goal of what our organization is working towards. We are changing the events industry, and the thought leaders and internal event champions within MPI Westfield confirmed that our innovative technology is making an impact!”

Danielle Purslow


“As a Westchester owned Photo and Video company, MPI Westfield has been a wonderful resource for us. We have made valuable connections with our target audience of corporate event and conference planners both finding opportunities to work together and learn from each other. Because MPI supports relationship building among their members, this is a group that is both comfortable and eager to refer each other. Over the term of our membership, we have closed business with Deloitte among other companies. Equally important, we have found a forum where we can learn more about the needs of our clients and the overall industry. “

Rebekah Segar

The Booth For Business

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