Certificate Program

Sustainable Practitioner Certificate

Sustainable Event Practices. 
Advance your Knowledge in Eco-Friendly Events.

About the Course

This interactive training course is perfect for those event professionals who are looking to become leaders in the industry and develop their career around sustainability. The course is designed to guide participants through the basics of sustainability and provide them with the knowledge and confidence needed to start taking practical actions each day. For those who are already implementing sustainable practices, this course is ideal for advancing knowledge and creating more of a focus. 


Participants of this course receive:

  • CMP Clock Hours: 4 - Strategic Domain: Strategic Planning

Note: Instructor-Led In-Person


What You'll Learn

  • Get a solid understanding of the business case for implementing sustainability.
  • Discover the unique terminologies for sustainability to enhance your skills for communicating the essential information that teams, management and suppliers need to know regarding sustainability.
  • Learn about the significant issues of sustainability that are relevant to the event industry. You will learn from experts like former heads of sustainability for the Olympic and Paralympic Games to experts in global carbon footprinting.
  • Participants have a sound understanding of the ISO 20121 framework and GRI EOSS reporting system, which is both globally recognized event industry standards. They will also know the basic next steps to take in order to become certificated or create a GRI EOSS report.
  • Gain the knowledge and confidence to start implementing sustainable practice at their events every day.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a Sustainable Practitioner Certificate?

Receipt of the Sustainable Practitioner Certificate demonstrates that the holder understands the importance of sustainability in the meeting and event industry and knows how to implement globally recognized standards.


How do I receive a Sustainable Practitioner Certificate?

Registration and payment are required prior to attending any SMP course. Once you select the course you would like to attend, you can register.


How much time do I need to be away from the office?

The Sustainable Practitioner Certificate course is designed for working adults and can be completed in four hours.


What is the format of the class?

The class is four hours and will include interactive activities.


How do I purchase class reference materials?

There is no class reference material required to take the course. However, we do recommend that you purchase an event sustainability template for use before, during and after the training. This template provides everything required to implement ISO 20121 and report on one event according to the GRI EOSS guidelines. The cost of this template is approximately $1,500. It is an option to purchase this template after the course.

Positive Impact

This program has been created by Positive Impact, a globalrecognised not-for-profit which exists to create a fully sustainable event industry. As managing director, Fiona Pelham chaired the creation of ISO 20121, led the development of GRI EOSS and in 2014 received an honorary doctorate for Leeds Beckett University for her contribution to creating a sustainable event industry. As a global leader, Positive impact collaborates with numerous experts and academic institutions across the globe and is continually developing the content of this program so it is relevant and in line with industry trends.


Certificate Courses Scholarships 
The MPI Foundation provides MPI members with professional development opportunities through grants and scholarships. We have scholarships available for all of our certificate courses. 




Do you plan meetings?

Hosted planner opportunities are also available. If interested in being hosted by our Sustainable Meeting Track sponsors, please inquire here or contact Lizzy at lizzy@sustainablebrands.com.