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MPI Academy

Learn at your own pace, whether in-person, on-demand or streaming. The MPI Academy has meeting and event education designed to meet the demands of your career.

Academy In-Person


Want a classroom experience? Instructor-led certificate courses give you the deep-dive you need to refine your skills and build your resume.

Academy On-demand


Online webinars, certificate programs and training sessions let you learn at your own pace anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Academy Streaming


From instructor-led online courses to virtual event passes, streaming sessions offer live lessons in real-time anywhere, on any device.

"The CMM program was incredibly worthwhile and productive […] a lot of hard work but extremely satisfying - I learned so much. This is an unparalleled, intense and executive-level course that has truly elevated my strategic thinking!"


Bridget A. Robinson, CMP Director, National Convention & Meetings The American Legion National Headquarters

CMM Certificate Course

Earn your CMP

Prepping for the CMP?

Are you working towards achieving or renewing your CMP certification? MPI is a preferred education provider, and the MPI Academy's education is approved for CMP credits by the Events Industry Council for clock hours.


MPI Academy Certificate Courses

Future-proof your career with a variety of certificate courses that enhance critical job skills essential to meeting and event professionals.

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Basic Boot Camp Meeting Fundamentals

Basics Boot Camp: Meeting Fundamentals

The basics are the most important aspects or principles that you should learn first.

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Women In Leadership

Women In Leadership

Discover the necessary skills to be considered for executive leadership roles.

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Emergency Preparedness for Events

Emergency Preparedness for Events

Effectively plan for and respond to crisis situations and deliver on safety and security for attendees.


Meeting and Business Event Competency Standards (MBECS)

Join our more than 500 members who are agency-based, corporate and independent marketing professionals, with hundreds more actively subscribing to the event designer creed: “Stop planning meetings. Start designing experiences.”


MPI White Papers

Industry thought leadership you can trust. With exceptional research created by professional meeting planners, you'll get the most out of your planning strategy.