Decision to Attend



The Second Decision to Attend Study Survey Report

Attendees are consumers; discerning travelers who may choose to attend conventions and exhibitions – or not.

The second Decision to Attend Study survey report – DTA2 – provides extensive insight on what drives attendance. The 8,992 participants from 12 organizations representing all types of industries and professions has yielded many key findings.

Top Drivers – 92% Education; 78% Destination; 76% Networking

  • 91% of all generations want to continue their education; Millennials even higher
  • One-half are likely to extend their stay or bring others, multiplying overall spend
  • 89% would attend more often, if barriers were removed
  • Eight in ten will repeat attendance or return for leisure, if the destination experience is positive-half of attendees likely to combine attending a meeting with a vacation.

As events and exhibitions are the largest group-based users of the destination experience, the industry has joined together on this landmark research:

  • Leading a sea-change toward defining the attendee as the customer
  • Providing feedback to destination leaders to shape the overall experience
  • Developing best practices and strategies to maximize attendance, together

MPI is proud to join with other leading industry organizations to realize this important vision. We encourage your participation!


Full Report


FULL REPORT: Chock full of insight, best practices and more.

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Executive Summary


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Highlights of the findings.

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Best Practices


BEST PRACTICES CHECKLIST: Ideas to brainstorm with your team.

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Behavioral Profile Template

BEHAVIORAL PROFILE TEMPLATE: Identifying wants, needs, preferences to develop targeted marketing and attendance promotion strategies.

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