KPMG: Innovation Via Technology

Finding the Right Event Tech

Enterprise solutions are sourced through a collaborative decision making process that includes developing business requirements, assessing available tools and making prioritizations. Other decisions are often made on a program-by-program basis with discussions by key stakeholders.

"I would love to say that every single event here is the same," Benedict says. "But the portfolio is so diversified, what is a good fit for one program may not be a good fit for another — or there may be a different manifestation of the opportunity to make it right for a program. We look at technology independently and then leverage knowledge, learning and experiences across other events."

Specifically she's interested in investing in tools that drive efficiencies and manage risk. She drives pilots through the innovation council because it’s a good mix of all the different groups that fall within events and meetings — operations, sourcing and innovation — who can look at different technologies from different perspectives.


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From MPI's Research
  • Consider event technology as a major meeting-planning component along with venue, food and beverage and transportation.
  • Build (more) time into the event-planning schedule to address the implementation of, and issues around, event technology.
  • Develop and event-technology posture for the organization, such as "try something new, but fail fast" or "if it works, keep it" or "do what it takes to always be on the leading edge." Doing so helps the organization justify its investments amd its failures.