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She Means Business

Monday | 09 September

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She Means Business America on 9 September 2019, the day before IMEX America at Sands Expo in Las Vegas. As part of Smart Monday, the conference about diversity, gender equality and female empowerment is a joint event by the IMEX Group and tw tagungswirtschaft supported by Meeting Professionals International (MPI).

Keynote: Gender Equality: Less words and more action?

Time: 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Women are the largest "emerging market" but they need to step out of the safety trap. Mara will talk about the real barriers to economic equality and why the financial industry has a crucial role to play in accelerating gender equality.

  • Learn how economic gender inequality is rooted in the semantics around risk and money
  • Understand how gender pay gaps create massive wealth gaps
  • Increase your financial confidence
    • For women: invest 6 hours of your time to step out of the safety trap
    • For girls: 10 minutes a day is enough to get started

Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey, UBS Switzerland AG, Head Global UHNW Germany, Austria, Italy

Moderator: Kerstin Wünsch, Editor-in-chief, tw tagungswirtschaft; Co-Founder She Means Business


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Congress Center Hamburg

“Women in Business” TED Style 8-minutes presentations

Time: 1:45 AM - 3:30 PM

Our Story: Lessons from Influential Women in Business

Women can and do lead international organizations and businesses, Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and NGOs and even governments. But how do they do it, and what challenges did they face on their personal and professional paths to leadership? Discover the stories of women leaders and learn from their journeys how you to navigate your own way forward.

  • Understand the challenges faced by women in reaching executive positions, and the solutions they used to overcome these challenges
  • Find advice for your own leadership journey, regardless of your job level or tenure
  • Learn from other women how to overcome the challenges that we all face in becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Mind the gaps!

Have you ever stepped on the London Underground and heard the “mind the gap!” announcement? I feel like our education systems worldwide need to make the same announcement to girls of all ages, to prepare them for the realities they will face upon entering the workforce.

I grew up oblivious of gender inequality, thinking that a good education was all I needed. I wasn’t aware of the implications of pay gaps over the course of a life-time. Nor was I aware of glass ceilings until I hit one at high speed, despite being a top performer.

Flexibility, adaptability, willingness to learn are key for a career, but they are not enough: sponsorship, visibility and self-marketing are equally important. Though ultimately, it’s your unique vision, authenticity and followship that are the true key to professional success and satisfaction. 

Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey, UBS Switzerland AG, Head Global UHNW Germany, Austria, Italy

Topic to follow: Gina Glantz, Founder, GenderAvenger

Topic to follow: Vicki Hawarden, Vice President Events, Society for Human Resource Management

Topic to follow: Melissa Ow, Deputy Chief Executive, Singapore Tourism Board

Moderator: Jessie States, CMP, CMM Director, Meeting Professional International Academy


"Women in Events” Panel discussion

Time: 3:30 - 4:30 PM

The Sandwich Generation: Balancing Career and Family

Event management is the fifth most stressful career in the world (Forbes, 2017), and if you have young children or aging parents, that stress may be magnified by additional responsibilities. Join a panel discussion with meeting professionals who find themselves in this precarious position. Learn best practices on how to balance and manage family obligations while excelling in your professional career.

  • Find better equilibrium between your family and career using tips and best practices from leaders who know
  • Discuss your work-life balance-related challenges with your peers and leave with real-world solutions
  • Debunk the myths surrounding how you 2should2 manage your time


Nicole Bowman, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, IAEE

Dale Hudson, Knowledge and Events Director, IMEX Group

Doreen Burse, Vice President, Global Sales North America, Marriott International

Moderator: Lori Pugh, CMP, CMM, HMCC Manager of Global Education and Event Production, Meeting Professional International Academy