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MPI is thrilled to feature a full education and networking schedule in The Valley powered in partnership with our friends from ICCA. Many of our appointments will take place in Hall 8.


From event design to industry trends, future-focused skills and more, you have plenty of options to choose from, all of them certified for education credits.




23 May


Speaker: Jessie States

As meeting professionals skill up to greet the new age of meetings and events, it’s more important than ever to re-evaluate and update the defined value proposition for bringing people together.

What is the purpose of a meeting, if not to meet with people (subject matter experts, peers, community members and customers)? And if that is the primary purpose of an event, shouldn’t it be the lens through which we design experiences that matter for our participants, stakeholders, clients and organisations?

As we seek to connect people in meaningful ways, what techniques can be applied to the elements of our events to ensure those connections are purposefully designed and executed? Explore the science of breaking the “hallway conversation” out of its corridor and into the rest of our spaces. Leave equipped with power to create meaningful engagement for all attendees and stakeholders.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Articulate the new value proposition for in-person meetings and events
  • Use new formats to create engagement among attendees
  • Facilitate networking that is meaningful for all participants

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Speaker: TBA

The association meetings landscape has dramatically changed over the past years. Disruption is not just a rare occurrence but a constant variable when organising events. Hear how to deliver smooth event experiences in a world full of unforeseeable occurrences while being agile and flexible

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define who your key partners are in responding to unforeseen circumstances
  • Identify potential disruptors ahead of time and how to respond to them when they occur
  • Discover some tips and tricks for smoother processes

Speaker: Roel Frissen

A conversation with the creators of #EventCanvas. Learn what it takes to systematically design innovative events using #EventCanvas™️. Hear from the creators of the methodology firsthand, and explore case studies from CEDs (Certified Event Designers) across the globe.

  • Discover how Certified Event Designers use an #EventCanvas to collaboratively design innovative events
  • Learn how this visual methodology aligns stakeholders and gets them on the same page (literally)
  • Learn how this visual methodology aligns stakeholders and gets them on the same page (literally)


Speaker: TBA

Professional development, re-skilling and upskilling have always been a key part of the value an association brings to its communities. However, in a time when an entire new skill set is needed, when associations need to reinvent to stay relevant and find new ways of engaging with their members to build their communities it is more important than ever to have a strategic approach to education, aligned with the association’s mission.

  • Appreciate the role association education and events have in adult learning
  • Understand the impact of professional development in innovation
  • Realise the importance of education in building communities


Speaker: Jessie States

While all of the data you collect from your events is important, not all of it is critical to every stakeholder—and how and what you share (and with whom) could make a significant impact on your organization's business objectives today and in the future.

  • Identify what data is important to which business units or client groups
  • Use storytelling and data visualization to drive change and KPI achievement
  • Become recognized as a strategic business unit owner whose focus is relevant to organization-wide operations


24 May

Speaker: Mark Cooper

Learn how to incorporate important social responsibility needs into your RFPs that you send to hotels and venues. Consider ways that you can align your own organisation's social goals with measurable questions and expectations for the venues you ask to bid for your business.

  • Raise awareness and further investment in social goals for events
  • Evaluate the categories covering this broad segment
  • Use IACC's template to cut and paste new venue credentials for your future meetings

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When it comes to a mature association meetings markets Europe is definitely among the top. Today we have emerging destinations even within well-known countries that have been popular for many years. The vast continent of Africa trying to claim its spot and put brand Africa on the global meetings map, all topped with a strong and progressive Middle East association meetings market. Explore the wealth of knowledge and experiences and the abundance of new opportunities.

  • Understand the diverse expertise levels and opportunities in the EMEA region
  • Appreciate the new developments in the association meetings landscape in EMEA region
  • Get insights into not as well-known  destinations and their prospects

Speaker: Karolina Bednarz

Saying yes is a guarantee to gaining experience and learning, establishing business contacts and leaving our comfort zones. However to develop, change and adapt we need to redefine saying no. And understand that saying no is necessary for (sustainable) change. Find a new role for the word no, connected to the need for quality, and to constant yet controlled and unchaotic development.

  • Redefine the word no in your businesses and personal life
  • Practice how to say and listen to no
  • Become a yes and no person

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Asia’s vast expanse embodies a diversity of traditions, cultures and customs, which contributes to the exotic perception for delegates from other parts of the world. But when you add to this some of the more progressive nations approach to innovation and development, then you will get a truly alluring mix of old and new delivering unique experiences. For many organisations, this combination is meetings magic!

  • Illustrate the dichotomies of the region.
  • Assess opportunities for innovative meetings using the local opportunities
  • Examine the impacts of exploring different cultures

Speakers: Experience Design

Learn how to design an event that people don't want to miss. Create excitement so that your delegates leave thrilled to have been there and already place it on their diaries for next year. Make them want to share their experience with colleagues and peers so that everyone knows yours is a can't-miss event.

  • Compose an event plan that delivers the return
  • Illustrate the elements that create a wow
  • Solve for your client's challenges through great event design

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Networking Happy Hour sponsored by

Los Cabos

25 May

Speaker: Frederico Toja

From inflation and rising costs to supply-chain challenges and geo-political uncertainty, meeting professionals are finding it difficult to make decisions related to the business of events. What will the conditions look like in the next year? What will the new reality look like? And how are other meeting professionals overcoming current obstacles to grow business? Much is uncertain, but current projections can help. Deep dive into MPI's most recent Meetings Outlook research, published quarterly in The Meeting Professional magazine, and then discuss the trends that are most affecting you and your peers.

  • Review the forecast for events in the coming year, including budget, attendance and business conditions.
  • Deep dive into trends that matter and discuss the next steps with your peers
  • Explore how these trends affect you and the future of your meetings

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Speaker: TBA

When it comes to the Americas region even within North America there is a diverse understanding of global association meetings and approach in bidding and hosting for them. While Canada is known for its strategic sector approach, the US lays great emphasis on the national market. Mexico creates a bridge between the two and in Latin America there are some destinations at the forefront of positioning their meetings offerings on the internal meetings scene.

  • Consider the different country strategies when it comes to association bidding
  • Define the challenges and opportunities for specific regions and sectors
  • Gain insights into particularities of organising events in different cultures

Speaker: Drew Holmgreen

Live events are uniquely positioned to cultivate trust, business exchange and learning through face-to-face interactions. They also illuminate customer buying signals but are often missed due to lack of data and impactful event marketing strategies. MPI has convened some of the best event marketing experts in the business to deliver unparalleled education that will prepare you to design and execute measurable outcomes associated with your event marketing efforts.

  • Understand and be able to speak to the business case for modernised event marketing
  • Discover and become a practitioner of outcomes-based event strategy design
  • Learn and use multi-channel promotional strategies, tactics and tools

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