Brian Swann


Brian Swann brings over 20 years of audiovisual industry experience to his current role as Director of Business Development, Creative and Digital. He is responsible for advising and consulting with PSAV and its customers. His understanding of both the existing and upcoming technologies within the event space balanced with his ability to partner with customers like Intel, AWS, CHEST and ENA provide peace of mind to our customers as they bring innovation to their events. Swann joined PSAV in May 1997—first as a technician, then as director of event technology for various hotels—before his promotion to his current role in 2013 he was Manager of Virtual Events. Prior to joining PSAV, Swann honorably served in the United States Air Force and worked closely with U.S. and international dignitaries.

Presenting on the following days:

Tuesday, June 5 | 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Utilizing Event Intelligence for Meetings & Events