The Plunge!

Carole McKellar, the incoming chair for the Global Board of Trustees for the MPI Foundation, and Julie Krüger, Chair of the EMEA Council have pledged to jump in the Antarctic Ocean to raise funds for MPI Foundation.

The dark, frigid water of Antarctic Ocean is calling Carole McKeller and Julie Krüger to take the plunge for a warm cause. The cause being, the MPI Foundation.

The mission? To raise $10,000 for MPI Members who need it most. December 14, let’s all urge Carole and Julie to dive into the depths of their kindness by making a generous donation that says,  "We care oceans about this mission!”

Challenge Goal:

  • $5,000 Gets one to take the plunge
  • $10,000 Gets both to take the plunge

Carole McKellar


Julie Krüger