IBOD Nomination Process

Each year Meeting Professionals International follows a nominating process in order to fill open International Board of Directors positions. 

The International Board of Directors appoints a Board Development Committee and that committee is charged with examining all applications looking for individual leadership skills and experience paramount to fulfilling responsibilities of the highest leadership positions in the organization – the International Board of Directors. 

A candidate application is distributed to all members. MPI management compiles applications received and forwards them to the Board Development Committee. The committee reviews the applications, completes an assessment and contacts final candidates to conduct an in-depth interview. The Board Development Committee meets in October to review applicants, sharing the results of the interviews and deliberating the candidates’ qualifications for the offices for which they applied. 

During the deliberation process, candidates are considered based on their skills, competencies and experience, and matched to those qualifications needed to have a balanced board. As there are a very limited number of positions available and a large applicant pool, this is a very competitive and robust process and a number of factors are considered to achieve the final slate recommended for the Board of Directors.  

Additional nominations from the membership shall be permitted if a minimum of two (2) percent of the membership as of July 1 of the year prior to the election have signed a petition to submit each additional nomination to the membership, provided such petitions are received on or before December 1, 2021 provided not more than forty (40) signatures are from any one chapter. Petitions for additional nominations must be for a specific seat or office and must reflect the individual being challenged. A member must have applied for the position for which they are petitioning. The original application for the position must have included the submission of the board application form.  Petition forms must be developed by and received from MPI’s official auditing firm and will be the only official form accepted.  Any deviation from the official form will be disqualified and the petition will be deemed invalid.  Signatures on valid petition forms may be original or facsimile and will be validated by the official auditing firm as to authenticity, duplicity and membership standing.  The petition form must include a printed name, signature and membership number.  Each petition must be supported by written notice from the additional nominees of their availability and willingness to serve, as well as a biography. 

Members of the Board Development Committee recuse themselves from interviews, conversations and decisions involving individuals where there is a real or perceived conflict of interest. 

Questions? Contact volunteerexperience@mpiweb.org 

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