Creating a safe, worry-free WEC experience is our top priority.

MPI is preparing the WEC23 live event experience so that all individuals onsite—attendees, speakers, staff and venue personnel—remain safe and comfortable throughout the event.


How is MPI addressing safety and security in Mexico?

WEC23As is always our approach with any event, MPI works directly with local, state and federal governments regarding our attendee safety and security. Our destination in Mexico is no different. To that end, we are collaborating and contracting with providers who will ensure participant safety and security throughout all aspects of the event, including secured transportation and onsite protocols within the Barcelo properties.

From the moment attendees step off the plane, they will be welcomed at the airport and transferred in private transportation to Barcelo’s secure, Five-Star property. And secure transport will be provided to all official offsite activities, and for participant return to the airport upon departure. MPI’s goal is to create an environment that fosters valuable business connections, actionable education and meaningful relationships that build attendees’ career experience—all without any compromise or distraction.

It should also be noted that Quintana Roo, the host state of WEC23 in the Riviera Maya, is not among the six Mexico states listed among the "Do Not Travel" list by the U.S. Department of State, which offers a barometer for our entire global community on the safety and security of the destination. Indeed, none of these states are a major tourism destination for international travelers. And while certain states may have a Level 2 travel warning according to the U.S. Department of State, most destinations that are known for tourism within those states have no travel restrictions. ­­For more information about safety considerations, based on this index, please click here.

If you are traveling to Mexico from Latin America, please confirm your country's visa policies for entering Mexico. If driving, please confirm drive times as travel delays can occur.

Feel free to email us at with any additional questions or concerns.



Barcelo Maya Grand Resort Security Protocols

Barcelo Maya Grand Resort Security Protocols
The Barcelo Maya Grand Resort is well equipped to handle a multitude of scenarios. Read the Barcelo Maya Grand Resort Security Protocols in English or en Español to get a better understanding of their capabilities. 



Guest Assist

Guest Assist
Guest Assist provides assistance and guidance to national and foreign tourists who visit the state of Quintana Roo, particularly those in situations where their wellbeing or belongings are affected. Click here to learn more.




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