Think of WEC San Francisco like a theatrical play—a three-day theatrical play. The day’s general session will kick off each act, and you’ll be part of the story! Featuring different themes that builds upon the previous days’, as well as unique keynotes and expert panels, you’ll go on a journey that will leave you enlightened, energized and eager to forge ahead in this new era of events.



ACT 1: New World,
New Perspectives

Day 1 focuses on the lenses through which we all view our journeys—both professional and personal—and the journeys we take with others, be they our teams, organizations, communities, stakeholders or event participants.


Keynote Riaz Meghji:
Every Conversation Counts

Long before the era of social distancing, loneliness was the pandemic. Now more than ever, professionals⁠—especially those in the business of connections⁠—need to know how to build and maintain genuine relationships with clients and colleagues. Learn how to spark authentic conversations, earn trust, create new business and make small talk BIGGER, all while discovering how to craft and tell compelling stories that motivate others to act.



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Act 1 Panel:
Tech Talks - Secrets of the
Event Technology Marketplace

Take the voyeur's view into this conversation between c-suite (t)executives and a meeting industry leader as they navigate the waters of the event tech space and share their views on the roles technology will play in creating spaces where people come together to share ideas, generate solutions and ultimately change perspectives.

Discover how marketplace moves by tech giants will impact the event experience of the future, regardless of purpose, size and scope, and how changes in the marketplace will impact the design of experiences that are meaningful for organizations of all kinds.


Ben Chodor, President, Notified

Janet Dell, President & COO, Freeman

Chuck Ghoorah, Co-Founder and President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Cvent

Laurie Sharp, Vice President, Events and Experiences, New Relic, Inc.

Omar Tawakol, Vice President & General Manager, Cisco Systems, Cisco

ACT 2: Your Pathway to Professional Enlightenment

Day 2 focuses on the strategies and methodologies you can use to better your personal and professional self—and empower everyone around you.


Keynote Denise Soler Cox:
The Magic of Belonging

Join this emotional journey of understanding one of the most inherent human needs—belonging—with Denise Soler Cox, celebrated director of the film "Being Eñye." You’ll explore what belonging feels, looks and sounds like and discover how your past shapes your perceptions of today and your visions of the future. You’ll also begin to build the “scaffolding of belonging,” embracing your story and freeing yourself to share who you are with others.



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Act 2 Panel:
Test, Iterate & Go Big:
Designing Experiences that Deliver

Not even the big brands knock it out of the park on their first try … and for good reason. Learn the benefits of beta testing—creating success with radical innovation through capturing learnings and pushing boundaries. Join this compelling discussion with experience design leaders from Salesforce, Google and Cisco, led by Suzanne Fritz-Hanson of George P. Johnson (GPJ).


Katy D'Amico, Cisco

Pamela Gonzalez, Salesforce

Suzanne Fritz Hanson, George P. Johnson

Polly Israni, Google

ACT 3: Past, Present
AND Future - Your
Call to Action

Day 3 of WEC San Francisco will focus on using your unique perspective and approach to inspire change for your experiences, your business, your community and your world.


Keynote Brian Allan:
Stand Up - Awaken the Superhero in You

Everyone has a superhero inside them, eager to act in ways that incite great change—for individuals, organizations, communities and even the world. But how do you identify your passion and use it for the good of others … and yourself? Discover what makes you rejoice in song, learn from your past and future mistakes and lean into the change we all want, whether it’s mighty or micro. Nothing is too big that you can’t make a difference, and TOGETHER we can all become superheroes in our stories and the stories of others.



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Act 3 Panel:
When We Meet, We Change
the World...But How

“When We Meet, We Change the World” has been the global rallying cry for event professionals for more than a decade. But what does it mean in the real world, and how has that credo manifested itself among MPI’s past, present and future leaders? As MPI celebrates its 50th birthday, we gather together at the WEC San Francisco to answer the question, "How?" What does changing the world mean for you, for our industry and for the world? Explore the meaning and impact of MPI and learn how key leaders leveraged the power of MPI to change worlds—their own and those of their communities, clients, businesses and beyond.


Amanda Armstrong, SVP, Brand and Community Engagement, Encore

Bonnie Carlson, President & CEO, Bloomington, Minnesota Convention and Visitors Bureau

Kevin Iwamoto, Chief Customer Officer, Bizly Inc.

Zoe Moore, EDI Strategic Consultant, Grow With Zomo

Dan Noyce, Senior Relationship Manager, IMEX Group

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