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The Future of Now: Three Strategies to Prepare in a Period of Accelerated Change

As a former corporate executive turned futurist, Elatia Abate has spent the past few years researching the impact of technology and disruptive forces on our world. Through her research, she has discovered that even though major disruptions approach at lightning speed, it’s still possible for humans to thrive. Marry theoretical and practical ideas and discover three key strategies to help you prepare for, and calmly navigate, the now and future. Elatia lays out what is currently at stake, and why “now” is the most powerful time for the future. Shift from outdated strategy and work paradigms to forward-thinking models that are imperative for success, and learn how to identify and design fulfilling opportunities despite the unknown.

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Hamza Khan


Future of Work Expert | Author of Leadership, Reinvented

Human 9000: Navigating the Future of Work with Attunement, Resilience and Creativity

McKinsey Global Institute’s report, “Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: Workforce Transitions in a Time of Automation,” predicts that the world of work will be radically transformed by 2030. Working alongside tireless technology, the demand for more “human” skills—social and emotional skills, as well as other higher-level cognitive skills—particularly critical thinking, creativity, and complex information processing—will dramatically increase. Meanwhile, levels of chronic stress will continue to rise, resulting in an even more massive epidemic of occupational burnout than the World Health Organization has identified today.

Where will humans fit in tomorrow’s workplace? And how can leaders help them to thrive? The solution exists before our eyes, found within the very science-fiction narratives that inspired (and were in turn, inspired by) disruptive technology: be more human. To succeed in the face of uncertainty, Hamza Khan argues that we must lean into uniquely human qualities that are difficult, if not impossible, to automate. Anything that can be automated, will be automated. What is left becomes even more disproportionately valuable.





Bestseller | 3x Emmy Winner

Utterly Unique You: Breaking Barriers and Redefining Possibility

There are times when we seek to re-envision what the future holds for us. Turn discomfort into a wake-up call for transformational leadership and personal growth. Using a blend of self-discovery techniques and storytelling, Gaby Natale enables you to be your own change agent who sees no roadblock as insurmountable. Leaders resist change, choose comfort and remain stagnant or make conscious choices to evolve and become the change they want to see in the world. Leveraging over a decade of interviews with newsmakers, headliners and innovators, Gaby reminds audiences that visionaries are not extraordinary people. They are ordinary people who choose to see themselves and the world in extraordinary ways. Discover actionable ways to become driven and ready for whatever comes next.





Pauline Nguyen


Restauranteur | Spiritual Entrepreneur

The Four Essential Ingredients for Evolving Leadership

Dive into deep, controversial and complex topics, distilled eloquently for execution today. Pauline Nguyen shares how true leaders hold others accountable while being “compassionately assertive.” People who want to join the new future of leaders must walk the walk, not just talk the talk. From her experiences as a refugee to being named one of the 200 Women Who Will Change the Way You View the World, Pauline shares why the greatest leaders lead with diversity and inclusion not just as social responsibilities, but as powerful weapons for business. Find out why The Huffington Post described Pauline as “the most grounded spiritual entrepreneur on the planet.” Discover the four pivotal components of leadership: diversity and inclusion, competent vulnerability, self-mastery and self-leadership.





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