Building your Group Sales Strategy for 2021

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By: Lexi Pettigrew | Oct 29, 2020

What you do today will determine how quickly you recover tomorrow...
If you are wondering what your next best move is to recover and set yourself up for success in the next few months, we are here to help.

The MPI Academy, in partnership with Ciara Feely have created a space for you to do this in.  Join us on December 7th for an online training on:
1.  How to Redefine your sales strategy for future revenue growth. 
2. The Top 10 Sales Skills for to create growth.
3. How to best use your time to be in a stronger position to WIN more business when the time is right.

What worked last year will not work next year in this new sales environment.  It is time to change and adapt your sales approach to be able to sell and close deals during the

In this one day course, Ciara Feely, Sales Strategist and Author of Steps to WIN in the
Meetings market will walk you through how to adapt your sales strategy and techniques to WIN more.  Ciara will share a proven sales process to help you build better relationships and earn the trust and confidence of the buyer.  We will cover 3 main areas.
How to Stand Out and Sound Different
This enables sales directors, associates, managers and event teams to create high-impact and powerful sales pitches and sales tools. Learn how to open client conversations that position your venues, properties, agency, DMC, and destinations for significant increases in contracts, conversions and business opportunities.
Understand the strategy that directly impacts the sales success of global organizations, and the success of the sales professionals behind them. Discover how changes to your pitch and how you position yourself/your business in the industry can revolutionize sales programs and drive better business relationships – relationships that lead to growth.
Killer Questions to position you as a trusted advisor, a consultant – not a sales person.
Business is lost and won based on how you make a client feel. In this module Ciara shares a conversation technique that gives you control of the conversation – no longer just taking an order. This is a business skill is a game changer.  Brian (who took this certificate program previously) shared that this technique helped him to get business worth $5 million over the line.  He could feel the client “lean in” and want to share more information that helped him to close the deal.  Ciara has developed a conversation frame that is proven to work, one that will help you to have better quality conversations with clients – especially in the COVID era when building stronger relationships is vital.
Proposals (and bid documents) that WIN!
Your proposal is the biggest conversion sales tool any company can create and it must be client centric – especially in a tough economy.  Learn three main areas (proposal structure, content and presentation) to master in order to write proposals that win and take the focus off your rate.

This is a great time to re-write sales tools, to step back and think – what needs to go into this proposal to WIN?  Ciara has done the heavy lifting on this and can share with you a proven process that works when it comes to proposals in the event industry.
Ciara will show you how to create a time saving template that can be personalised for each client without them taking all day to prepare.

If you have ever put hours (or days) into a proposal, you were sure it was strong enough to WIN, yet you didn’t WIN it or worse still – you never even heard back from the client …. This is for you.
If getting your head around the following is important to you – join us.
1. How to sell when no one is buying (or it seems that way)
2. How to stand out and sound different
3. Important sales tools to get right so you are ready for recovery - quicker
4. How to write proposals that WIN
5. How to approach the buyer right now to open up conversations.

This will help you prepare plans for 2021 and get the year off to a strong start.
Please reach out to Ciara if you have any questions on this.

This is the link to find out more and secure your place. 


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Lexi Pettigrew
MPI UK & Ireland, VP of Communications


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