MPI Academy

MPI education helps you plan events—and your future.

Through the MPI Academy and MPI events, you’ll have access to cutting-edge education and event planning certification programs that enhance critical job skills. Delivered online and in-person throughout the year, MPI’s education is open to event planning professionals of all levels. So, whether you’re obtaining crucial clock hours toward your CMP or CAE, growing your knowledge base or simply staying sharp, MPI education is perfect for the job you have—or the job you want.


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From instructor-led online courses to virtual event passes, streaming sessions offer live lessons in real time anywhere, on any device.


Online webinars, certificate programs and training sessions let you learn at your own pace anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Want a classroom experience? Instructor-led certificate courses give you the deep-dive you need to refine your skills and build your resume.

 Prepping for the CMP?

Are you working towards achieving or renewing your CMP certification? MPI is a preferred education provider, and the MPI Academy's education is approved for CMP credits by the Events Industry Council for clock hours. 




Certificate Programs

Certain topics demand focus, and the MPI Academy is focusing on key areas to help you become a more strategic event professional and a better leader. From healthcare compliance to event sustainability to security and risk management, MPI’s certificate programs make your resume stand out, keep your skills sharp and your mind sharper.




MPI education helps you plan events—and your future.