Call for focus group participants: Careers in the events industry - Between precariousness and stability

Leeds Beckett

By: Hannah Lee | Aug 4, 2022

The UK Centre for Events Management at Leeds Beckett University are conducting a research project investigating events careers and considering how stability, or lack of, affects people’s experiences and career paths and aspirations.

They are looking to conduct focus groups with events professionals at different stages of their careers to try to understand more about your experiences of stability and precariousness and how a career in the events industry relates to managing other aspects of day-to-day lives.

The focus group would last a maximum of one hour, be conducted remotely to suit everyone’s availability, and discussions would be confidential. Any responses given will be anonymised in future reports.

They hope the findings of this project will contribute to efforts to enhance career development in the industry and support everyone – regardless of their working arrangements – to thrive in events. 

They will run 2 groups - one for people currently employed by an organisation and one for self-employed/freelance or business owners – as they imagine the two groups might have different experiences of this.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Dr Kate Dashper as soon as possible:



Hannah Lee


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