CrowdComms introduces Smart Sessions


By: Hannah Lee | May 6, 2022

As part of its ongoing commitment to investment in high quality virtual events, CrowdComms has launched, Smart Sessions: an innovative new feature in its virtual and hybrid event platform to inject fun, promote collaboration and enhance engagement at digital events by allowing audiences to watch live streams together and interact as an audience at the same time.

Mindful of its clients’ end users – event attendees – CrowdComms has proactively developed Smart Sessions to allow attendees to interact and connect with each other more naturally in real-time. Through networking and shared live streaming functionalities, Smart Sessions aims to offer attendees greater enjoyment and engagement from attending a virtual event, enhancing the overall experience.

Will Custard, Product Director, commented,

“Our challenge was to solve the missing part of virtual events and allow attendees to engage and feel the endorphins that come from physically getting together while on a virtual platform. With Smart Sessions we wanted to create a sense of intimacy, without seeking to mimic the physical world.

“We have drawn inspiration from gaming where players are able to interact with each other in real-time and choose what they focus on – this new functionality is all about allowing attendees to experience the same thing together, remotely.”

CrowdComms believe the appetite for virtual and hybrid events will continue to grow, driven by sustainable as well as flexible motives from attendees. The business is continuing to refine its platform to enable organisers to offer their end-users the experience they really want from attending an event: human engagement, as well as content.

Smart Sessions allows attendees to connect with each other and meet new people more effectively, allowing them to experience the event together and communicate in real-time as if they were physically in a room together.

Will Custard added,

“Responding to our clients has always been incredibly important to us as we strive to develop our platform, continually adding features to improve the end user experience. Feedback on Smart Sessions has been overwhelmingly positive. Organisers love the fact we can offer so much on one single, easy-to-use platform and are now addressing the fun aspect of attending an event.

“We adopt user-centred design principles in all that we do, and with Smart Sessions we have layered wonder and delight on top so that the experience of using a virtual platform feels tangible and gives attendees a sense of control over how they engage with their fellow attendees.”

To find out more about Smart Sessions, or to book a trial, visit


Hannah Lee


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