Event Design Collective: A Recap of our Experiences at IMEX America & Designing For Good


By: Hannah Lee | Dec 9, 2021

Almost a month has passed since the industry came together at IMEX America and MPI Smart Monday. As we reflect on the many moments, reunions and experiences, we are incredibly inspired, even in the face of ongoing pandemic uncertainty.

During our MPI Smart Monday Headliner session we explored the concepts in the latest book from the Event Design Collective, Design To Change, elevating your ability to look and act beyond the now. We appreciated the positive feedback from the audience who were inspired, not only by the content, but also how we addressed the changes forced upon us by the “down to the wire” travel restrictions. To put it bluntly, the travel restrictions forced us to pivot…. Or as we prefer, pirouette our presentation to a mixed media hybrid experience. With Anthony live on stage, Roel in transit and Ruud at home in Switzerland we took advantage of our newly acquired digital dexterity. Combining a pre-recorded video drawing workshop, with in room coaching. A live video interview over Zoom with Ruud enabling him to share their author’s story. Followed by an intimate in room conversation once Roel had joined us later that afternoon.

Some of the presentation design prototype successes included:

- Audience members stating the pre-record video workshop still felt like it was live, with great energy not normally associated with pre-recording. They also loved doing something active rather than passively listening to a lecture.

- Ruud was able to follow the action in the Smart Monday Keynote room with the use of an AI enabled robotic camera we installed. It helped him feel closer to the activities despite being on the opposite side of the planet.

- Audience members who wanted to dig deeper into the content and concepts appreciated being able to connect one on one with our team, and in small groups at the Smart Monday afternoon “conversation session” and in our #DESIGNforGOOD booth at IMEX America.

The #DESIGNforGOOD project has been a huge success. Partnering with Right to Play, who empowers children to rise above challenges like violence, child labour, early marriage, illiteracy and inequality. Providing programs and resources to help children attend and stay in school. Promoting and supporting their dignity, respect, education and general child safety.

We harnessed the collective brain power of the #Eventprofs onsite at IMEX America and Online via a series of Event Canvas Event Design workshops. Resulting in a firm Baseline Event Analysis and rock solid Event Narrative that explains how the event creates value for 4 key stakeholders.

We continued the design process online after IMEX America, with enthusiastic #EventCanvas contributors devising 12 Event Design Prototypes, ranging from easily accessible to edgy and innovative. All prototypes needed to align with the defined Design Principles and fulfill the Behaviour Change articulated in the Event Delta (all process steps in the methodology).

The final phase of #DESIGNforGOOD and Event Design using the Event Canvas Methodology process will take place online on December 9th. During which time, the three Event Prototypes the design team has deemed most effective will be presented to the leadership team from Right to Play.

If you would like to attend the #DESIGNforGOOD Event Owner Presentation session you can register here: https://shop.edco.global/event/imex-america-designforgood-event-design-challenge/

If you would like to explore our book Design to Change which is available for purchase now and includes a free audiobook and additional omni channel experiences, visit: www.designtochange.online

Become a CED Certified Event Designer at the next Event Design Certificate Level 3 Program Live online with the creators: https://shop.edco.global/events/category/level-3/

If you would like to learn more about Event Design using the Event Canvas Methodology or take a 15 min tour of the Design for Good online design studio book a time to speak with one of our team members here: https://calendly.com/avconnecting/quick-connect



Hannah Lee


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