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By: Lexi Pettigrew | Jan 21, 2020

We’re very excited to announce a new task force that has been commissioned for the 2020 international volunteer term, the Community Engagement Task Force.

This committee will seek to drive community engagement in three primary ways:

1. Identify opportunities across MPI’s chapter, live events and governance activities to harness MPI’s community in volunteer roles and activities which support MPI’s strategic priorities, increase community engagement and improve retention, while ensuring volunteers are being effectively utilized, their work is being leveraged and they feel valued and recognized for their efforts 
2. Define the key KPI’s to measure successful volunteer engagement 
3. Identify effective recognition programs for volunteer efforts

While our international volunteer applications normally open in the fall, with notifications taking place in December, this committee, being established later in the year, will have applications open until January 31 with notifications to be made in mid-February.
If you missed the chance to serve on an international volunteer committee in 2020, and feel you could contribute to the Community Engagement Task Force, we encourage you to place your application today!

Apply today!


Lexi-Pettigrew-26e mini
Lexi Pettigrew
MPI UK & Ireland, VP of Communications


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