The Power of Events - a revolutionary plan to benefit all event professionals


By: Hannah Lee | May 19, 2022

The Power of Events is a newly formed organisation evolving out of One Industry One Voice that aims to:

• Create a comprehensive communications hub website that showcases the UK Events Industry, fully mapping out the range of sectors, expertise and networks.
• Work in partnership with universities across all Four Nations to design and deliver research and data that demonstrates the impacts of events across the UK.

The UK Events Industry currently has no single digital ‘shop window’, so this ambitious project aims to demonstrate the broad range of skill sets and career opportunities to attract a more diverse and inclusive talent mix, whilst helping people navigate around the breadth and variety of live events and experiences in the UK.

It will showcase existing trade associations and support. It will also launch a digital tool that will enable two way engagement with all UK event professionals in order to deliver robust research data for the industry.

Initial start up funding support is open to any organisation in the industry at a minimum £500 contribution, which will be supplemented by the development of a bid programme in collaboration with their university partners.

The Power of Events Taskforce is made up of circa 25 representatives from across the 7 core sectors, including BVEP (business), LIVE and NTIA (music), EIF (outdoor/festivals), EIA (Exhibitions, Suppliers, Venues), as well as NOEA, the PSA, PLASA, UKCMA and the freelance community.

The overview plan can be accessed on the holding page – any questions and input welcome so please email us: 



Hannah Lee


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