Venues to Virtual: How Venues World Created Octa

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By: Lexi Pettigrew | Feb 11, 2021

In December 2020, Venues World launched Octa, a new brand for their premium virtual event solution. Octa combines a robust, user-friendly platform, creative and graphic solutions, flawless technical delivery, local expertise worldwide, and their renowned client services team.
When the pandemic hit and in-person events were being cancelled, Venues World decided to help their clients navigate their way through the world of virtual events. They realised that there was no existing solution that met the needs of their clients. The virtual events platforms available were built by software developers, not event planners.
This was an opportunity to design a virtual event platform for event planners. A user-friendly platform that enables them to recreate the best parts of a live event in a virtual realm. They also educated their client services team to the highest standard in virtual event management, partnered with audio-visual and technical experts and created a complete virtual event solution for corporate events and conferences.
In the latter half of 2020, they delivered 11 successful virtual events to tens of thousands of delegates across five continents. They’re now looking forward to combining their expertise in both venue sourcing and virtual events to embrace the hybrid events of 2021.



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Lexi Pettigrew
MPI UK & Ireland, VP of Communications


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