Who are Dependable Forces and why you should care

dependable forces

By: Humberto Benavente | Apr 28, 2021

Dependable Forces
Safe, Compliant & COVID Secure

Dependable Forces is a collective of Health & Safety, Fire Safety and Events Experts with over 70 years combined experience.

They claim to offer the highest level of training and expertise around how to safeguard people through their accredited training and safety management systems.

They’re helping venues, workplaces and events get back up and running in a way that is Safe, Compliant & COVID Secure.

Dependable Forces focus on four key areas:

  • Health & Safety
  • COVID Compliance & Testing
  • Fire Safety
  • Event Safety

Considering the current climate, Health & Safety and COVID Compliance are more important than ever before.

Dependable Forces are already working with some global brands including Amazon Prime, Amazon Music and Tobacco Dock, and they are currently on-boarding new clients who want to ensure that their workplace, venue, or event can run in a way that is Safe, Compliant and COVID Secure.

You can book your free health and safety consultation here: info@dependable-forces.com



Humberto Benavente


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