Working with Event Management students has been a truly inspirational by Emma Wellstead

Warwick Events Virtual Student Stewards - Emma Wellstead

By: Humberto Benavente | May 20, 2021

In this blog post Emma Wellstead wants to share her experience with working with Event Management students.

Working with Event Management students has been truly inspirational. And I hope sharing our experience will encourage you to consider the amazing resource within our Universities.

In March, we needed a bigger team. And just like in a Marvel movie, we had to assemble one quickly, really quickly! We were tasked with running a help desk; monitoring chat on different streams and providing ‘Room Stewards’ for a Forum with 4,500 participants – 3 days with sessions almost 24/7.

Through MPI, I reached out to our student community to source some of this support. We had an overwhelming response. And after interviewing, we recruited 15 students to work on the programme from Leeds Beckett University and the University of Surrey.

The event was hosted on Hopin. The speed at which the students got to grips with the platform was impressive. However, what surprised us most was how diligent they were. They had questions; made suggestions for improvements and were so keen to learn.

We immediately felt we could trust each and everyone. Ahead of the event, we thought there might have be a few ‘stars’ but I can honestly say they all were.

The event was hugely successful. Paid employment and exposure to real event work is so important for students, but also for our industry too. These great young people are the future.

We received many lovely comments from our students about working on the event, but to give you a flavour, here are some words from Kayleigh from Leeds Beckett University:

‘Being treated as an event professional rather than a student has been really beneficial for building our confidence for the future. I think we all felt respected and appreciated, and I really hope we can work on another event together soon – Thankyou!’

Now that virtual is a reality – the opportunity for students to support live digital events is there. They juggle their studies and they are there, poised and ready at their desks. If you need to expand your team for a digital event, I recommend reaching out to Event Management students. I know they won’t disappoint.

And if you’d like to talk to me about my experience – please get in touch.

Emma Wellstead is the Founding Partner of Warwick Events. Under Emma’s direction the company has recently passed its B Corporation assessment and currently waiting official certification. This will make Warwick Events the first Event Agency in the UK to become a B Corp; joining the ranks of companies like Innocent Drinks, BrewDog, Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, The Body Shop, Kallo, Activia and many others - all committed to using their businesses as a force for good. A Cambridge graduate with over 20 years in the event industry, Emma is passionate about the untapped potential events have to do good: for organisers and participants, the local community and the planet. In her spare time, you’ll find Emma in the garden or on her bike!
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