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Program Overview

The world of sales has drastically changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, it is imperative to begin thinking strategically about how to change and adapt your sales approach to be able to sell and close deals during the coronavirus.

In this 6-hour course, subject matter expert Ciara Feely, Sales Strategist and Author of Steps to WIN in the Meetings market will walk you through how to adapt your sales strategy and techniques to WIN more.  Ciara will share a proven sales process to help you build better relationships and earn the trust and confidence of the buyer.  

Rapport & Relationships During a Pandemic:
How to Sell Amidst Global Crisis | 1-hour Course

"This course was what I needed to feel more confident in how I prospect and approach client relationships every day, especially while in the middle of the pandemic. The implementable tactics shared were friendly reminders of how to do the basics well paired with new examples appropriate for the times. The international perspective was unexpected and incredibly refreshing too!" 

- Jennifer Gregory, National Sales Director, Visit Buffalo Niagra

Rapport & Relationships During a Pandemic: How to Sell Amidst Global Crisis

During a time of unprecedented crisis, it is difficult to discern the best way to be strategic with your sales activities. However, being proactive is essential to ensuring business recovery post-crisis. The relationships you build and the rapport you develop now will determine how your business re-enters the “new normal” after a global pandemic or other wide-spread crisis.

In this course, Ciara Feely, International Sales Expert, will guide you through four main areas during this short, intensive sales masterclass.  This has been created especially to help guide sales professionals during this emergency our industry is experiencing with the COVID-19 crisis. Specifically, this program will cover:

  • When is the right time to start selling?
  • What's appropriate in this current environment?
  • What is the right approach to take now to open more conversations with clients and potential clients?
  • What are the best activities to focus on now to ensure you get the edge on your competitors?
  • What is the booking cycle and which industries are booking business right now?

Ciara's outlook is always positive. We are focused on what we can control in this situation.  There are opportunities that will come from this.  Now is the time to put the right foundations in your business to ensure a quicker and healthier return to revenue generation.

Do I need prior knowledge and experience? 

  • Yes. This course is for industry sales professionals who work in venues, convention centers or hotels.

How much time do I have to be away from the office?

  • You may enjoy flexibility in attending the class. This 1-hour course can be completed on-demand over the course of several days if needed.

What is the format of the class?

  • The class will be both self-taught and led by trained and experienced faculty and will include interactive activities.

Are there specific organizations that would benefit from the certificate?

  • All organizations that have staff who sell meeting space will benefit from this program

1 Clock Hour available

Strategic Domain: Marketing

Self-Paced | On-Demand Online Module

Modules 1 & 2

  • What to say to get more direct conversations with decision-makers
  • How to build credibility with planners and position yourself as a partner instead of a supplier (a much more lucrative—planners pay top rates when partners position themselves this way)
  • How to stand OUT and sound different
  • Brilliant questions to ask that immediately set you apart from your competitors 

After completing this program, you will: what-you-will-learn

  • Know how to sell more, and at better rates
  • Be able to generate more fruitful conversations with clients and build more profitable relationships.

“The Conversation Frame you teach helped me to get business worth $5 million over the line.  I could feel the client leaning in once I changed my conversation technique”. 

Brian Slot
Calgary Convention Center

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Self-Paced Online Module

Available on-demand at time of purchase

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NOTE: The content of the self-paced program is the same as the live-online Program. However, it does not include the live learning workshops or access to instructor Ciara Feely to fast-track learning and implementation.