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Looking to grow in the meeting & event profession? Look no further than MPI.

To advance your event career, you need people, professional resources, and a passion for connecting others. MPI has them all.

Not only can MPI you unmatched member benefits to advance your event career, it can give you what no other industry association can: a career home.

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Who We Are

MPI strives to lead in education, networking and innovative solutions that advance not only the meeting and event profession, but the lives and careers of the professionals in it.

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Your Network = Your Net Worth

MPI gives you the most unique and valuable resources in the event industry—other MPI members.

From locally-based planners and suppliers to event pros from around the world, MPI’s global community skyrockets
your career with immediate access to the people you need to connect with the most.

Chapters are Where It's At

MPI boasts sixty chapters and clubs worldwide. Build your home-base by connecting with local event professionals for networking, education and resources.

Find a Member, Any Member

Find local MPI experts near your destination with our membership directory. Search by chapter or region to make your next event your best.

These are Your People

Find your event tribe and connect with like-minded meeting and event professionals in MPI Communities. Nurture, grow, collaborate, and thrive together.

Next-Level Education

As an MPI member, you’ll receive access to free and discounted education from the MPI Academy. What is the MPI Academy? It's an idea-driven powerhouse of meeting and event innovation and education, equipping event professionals with what they need to innovate what’s next for themselves, their careers, and the events they create.




Discounted Upskilling

Delivered online and in-person, the MPI Academy provides meeting and event planning certificate programs that enhance critical job skills on topics essential to meeting and event professionals.

Learn At Your Pace

With online webinars and training sessions, learning becomes your personal adventure. Dive into new skills at your own pace, wherever inspiration strikes.

Hi, Higher Learning

Elevate your skills with the renowned CMM program from Kelley School of Business. Then, propel your career with a specialized Master's program from SDSU, to empower you in the meetings and events landscape.