Fun Badge Ribbon Ideas for Events!

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Fun Badge Ribbon Ideas for Events!

By Meeting Professionals International | Mar 31, 2022

Event professionals, attendees, vendors, volunteers—everybody loves badge ribbons! Badge ribbons are all about breaking the ice, starting conversations, adding identifiers, and sharing useful information with other people.   

Want to make your next social gathering more fun, exciting, and engaging? Check out our list of badge ribbon ideas to create a more exciting experience, one conversation starter at a time.  

  1. Host an ice breaker activity people will rave about. Attending a meeting or event can be nerve-wracking, especially for introverts and first-time attendees. Badge ribbons are a great way to let them show off their unique personalities, while also easing up those first-day jitters.
  2. Wear spatial distancing preferences for others to see. Social distancing ribbons like the ones found in the “Glad to Be Back!” Fun Pack put a fun spin on expressing comfort levels to others in a playful, yet impactful way. Find ribbons like “Admiring you from 6ft,” “Happy to Hug” and more in this ribbon pack.
  3. Design custom badge ribbons that relate to your industry or event theme. Every industry has its own lingo, so why not capture these unique expressions on badge ribbons? Include common or humorous catchphrases on a wearable accessory to help attendees identify with your event.
  4. Add a layer of event security to your meeting. Badge ribbons are a cost-effective way to reinforce safety at your event and grant special admittance to certain attendees. Have security personnel look for people wearing a “VIP” or “Sponsor” ribbon before they grant access to your event’s VIP lounge. 
  5. Incorporate ribbons into your award ceremony or recognition program. People love to have fun and celebrate their achievements. Make them feel recognized by awarding them with a customized gift and a bright badge ribbon that announces their achievement. 
  6. Add value to event sponsorship packages. Sponsorships are an instrumental part of offsetting costs, expanding event attendance, and promoting an event’s mission. Give out silver-, gold- and platinum-colored “SPONSOR” ribbons to increase the value of a sponsorship’s brand reach.
  7. Reward volunteers at your non-profit event or fundraiser. Badge ribbons are an affordable way to add customization to your event without going in the red. Spread awareness, recognize volunteers, and thank donors with themed ribbons that feature your organization’s mantra, mission, or vision.

There’s so much we can learn about a person just by looking at their ribbon stack. That’s why we think badge ribbons are one of the most fun and inclusive ways to spark conversations and leave lasting impressions on people at your event.  

Want to find out which ribbon suits you? Take our quiz and find out which badge ribbon you should wear at your next big event that truly defines your personality! You may be surprised at your result. 

Then, shop hundreds of in-stock badge ribbons, or design your own custom badge ribbons to add a unique element to any badge. You can even add a unique flair to your event with our selection of best-selling badge ribbon packs. There’s a ribbon for everyone at



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