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Joe Marcy

By Joe Marcy, CMP, CITP | Aug 3, 2021

I was introduced to the meeting and event industry through a college internship.  It felt like home. Together we celebrate our success and together we persevere through our challenges.

In 2019, I received the RISE Award for Member of the Year. What an honor and privilege. MPI is more than a business organization, it’s a community—a community that gives back to those that invest in it. I would encourage everyone to nominate your peers and chapters for RISE recognition. There are so many unsung heroes that deserve the honor. 

I’m proud to serve on MPI’s Global Board of Trustees. The foundation has played a fundamental role in our recovery. Our efforts continue to help chapters and members. I find this work to be incredibly rewarding. 

The pandemic was a reminder to prioritize what’s important. We had to remain focused on what’s within our control. We maximized our modified resources, remained optimistic and stayed true to our values. I’m grateful to work for a destination that encompasses health, wellness and sustainability while maintaining an environment where travelers can feel safe and inspired (thank you, Monterey County). Personally, the pandemic was disruptive and challenging for all of us. I had to protect my family. To cope, I bought sweatpants in every color and ate Häagen-Dazs ice cream regularly.

It’s really encouraging to see engagement around diversity, equity and inclusion. We’re holding each other accountable and making progress. We’re doing much more than checking a box.

I worked for inspiring women that understood the value of community and encouraged me to get involved with MPI. The organization expanded my network and gave me opportunities and experiences I’ll never forget. MPI empowered me to make a difference.

I was president of the MPI Southern California Chapter in 2017. I remember how challenging it was to cultivate talent, manage volunteers and secure sponsorship. Looking back, I’m grateful I led with courage, vulnerability and hope. We saw a 7% increase in membership, engagement increased to 24%, we expanded collaborations with chapters and industry associations and we took home our first chapter RISE Award for Innovative Education. Without a doubt, these experiences made me a better sales executive. I’ll always be grateful to our chapter leaders who laid the foundation and continued our legacy. 

Community service is my passion. I’m currently the chairman of the Manhattan Beach Cultural Arts Commission. We’re responsible for developing a master plan for arts in the city, encouraging and supporting art education programs and more. I was appointed by the city council.

I’m also president of the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair Association. Our organization has given more than $750,000 back to the community. Recently, we developed of a long-term strategic plan and introduced diversity, equity and inclusion into our bylaws and values. We distributed 27 grants and scholarships in 2020 to assist those in need. 

I also enjoy volunteering for the Human Rights Campaign and The Trevor Project. None of this would be possible without the transferrable leadership skills I developed through MPI.

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Joe Marcy, CMP, CITP

Joe Marcy, CMP, CITP, is business development executive for the Monterey County CVB and a member of the MPI Foundation’s Global Board of Trustees. He has been an MPI member since 2009.