EMEC Learning Journey #3: Storytelling for Business

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EMEC Learning Journey #3: Storytelling for Business

By Avery Carter | Jan 15, 2020

The power of storytelling is known for making a marked impact on its listeners who often are inspired to create change or even to idealize new ways of reimagining and engaging the world around them. And it is this process of conveying knowledge that is impactful to meeting and event audiences that you should consider as a strategic tool in planning. At the European Meetings and Events Conference (EMEC20) you'll get down to the business of storytelling with a learning journey that takes you to the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville, Spain, where you experience a master class on storytelling right there with in the Opera House. 

Story-telling is really "story-doing", meaning stories only work when we "do what we say and say what we do".

The Storytelling Model

In this Master Class, Paul Hughes will highlight how storytelling can be used as a powerful tool. He will share the ARC of Storytelling Model, where every story follows an ARC, a universal pattern. He will also highlight how story-telling is really "story-doing", meaning stories only work when we "do what we say and say what we do". 

The Pace of Storytelling

Who we are speaking to—our people—is usually on the minds of most leaders. In this portion of the learning journey, you will explore the relationship between people, pace, and place. In practice, the aspect of "place, & pace" is often not considered. The Pace of Storytelling is about creating a rhythm that matches the dynamic of the Event. It is the heartbeat of a story. And where the storytelling takes place is part of the story. Collectively these elements come together to empower Leaders to discover their own story and tell it in a way that they will be heard. 

Going Behind the Scenes


A backstage tour will also be part of the learning journey. This tour will provide you with an interactive journey through the different parts of the Teatro de la Maestranza. You will see a variety of installations equipped with the latest technology and machinery, making it possible to stage the very best productions in opera, dance, zarzuela, classical music, jazz, flamenco and more. 

The guided tour takes visitors past the scene dock (the rear extension of the main stage), the props department, the make-up, and hairdressing room, the machinery area, the rehearsal areas of the opera house chorus along with other places which until now have not been seen by the public.

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