EMEC Learning Journey #4: Stress Management

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EMEC Learning Journey #4: Stress Management

By Meeting Professionals International | Jan 18, 2020

With Meeting planning being among the top 5 of most stressful jobs in the world (right up there with enlisted military personnel, firefighters, airline pilots, and police officers), Stress Management and Decision making under pressure is a must-have skill for our industry.

In this Learning Journey, you will travel to the highly secured facilities of Airbus, where military planes are being built. On a viewing platform in the middle of the factory, you will learn proven Stress Management methods from a former French Navy fighter aircraft pilot Pierre-henri Chuet.

Pierre-henri Chuet (aka “Até”) has faced several emergencies in his career, had to make life or death decisions, and lead young pilots into combat. In this learning journey, “Até” now adapts the latest aviation methods and techniques to the business world. He uses Virtual Reality to enable trainees to get a much more immersive training experience and a better understanding of the concepts.

So buckle up and discover how pilots learn from their mistakes and continually strive for perfection, how they manage stress, their team members and how they make decisions at Mach 2. 

You will experience first-hand the challenges of using multi-million-dollar planes in hostile environments and how they are linked to the challenges you face as a meeting professional. Sign-up for this learning journey and become a fighter pilot for a day and take-home valuable lessons in Stress Management and Decision Making under Pressure!

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