MPI50: Anne Hamilton

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MPI50: Anne Hamilton

By Michael Pinchera | Sep 21, 2022

Anne HamiltonMeet Anne Hamilton—recognized this year as one of MPI's 50th anniversary "Legacy Contributors"—an enduring force in the meeting and event industry and, specifically, MPI.

"I first started to engage with MPI in 1995 in Miami," Hamilton says. "I always looked at MPI for education and networking and continued to build on those relationships throughout my career. I credit MPI for continuing to keep relevant with the education that they offer all of their members worldwide. MPI had afforded me to connect with individuals that continue to have an influence on my thinking and growth throughout the years in this industry. I am forever grateful for being part of this extraordinary organization and the professionals and friends I have met along my journey."

Anne was honored with the MPI Industry Leader Award at the MPI World Education Congress in 2019 and has been a fierce advocate for the value of meetings and events, a trailblazer for women in leadership, a champion for professional development and a mentor to future generations.

She has risen in the ranks at one of the world’s most well-known brands, The Walt Disney Company, where she has worked for more than two decades, spending much of that time championing Disney’s diverse and growing properties to meeting planners. She has engaged with various industry and community associations, boards and causes, including a career-long commitment to MPI and a love for her alma mater, Florida State University.

Read our full-length 2019 profile of Anne Hamilton, "Why Not be Extraordinary?".



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