Stressed spelled backwards = desserts

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Stressed spelled backwards = desserts

By Janice Cardinale | Jun 3, 2022

Working as an event professional is addictive and rewarding. Like desserts, which fuel dopamine in our brains, the craving for more is a feel-good chemical messenger that’s released and reinforces our desire for sweet experiences. But it is also associated with unhealthy habits that you not only carry on your body, but in your mind. Can you see the relationship between the two?

Stress is part of an event prof’s DNA. As such, we often put our clients before ourselves and we reap the repercussions of that later on. How we handle that stress has become part of an emotional journey that many continue to navigate, as the choice to work in this field can be as rewarding as desserts are. 

As we develop a more caring economy, we must recognize that the balance between our careers, motherhood and caregiving is more demanding and, unless boundaries are created, you will submit yourself to the ever-growing circle of unhealthy habits, creating many problems today. Similarly, serving in those roles can be thrilling, and you may seek more and devote yourself even further—which can, unfortunately, result in consequences.

Event profs say they have “had enough.” They are exhausted and do not want to continue working in a culture where work is prioritized over life. So put all of that in a bowl full of everything and stir. If that isn’t a recipe for desserts spelled backwards, well then it is a mud pie with a pig wallowing in it.

Those unrealistic expectations are not measuring up with a younger generation of event profs who value their life and whose parents taught them that moderation is key. Recognizing that consuming desserts on a daily basis would lead to weight gain, it is equally important as knowing when you’re taking on too much, as that weight holds heavy on your mind, body and soul.

The event industry is a melting pot, and I am witnessing firsthand how many individuals are facing tough decisions that beg the question, is it worth it?

Like a bowl of ice cream that you left out in the sun, sprinkled with dirt, infused with tears and then thrown against the wall, are you sliding to the floor, drip by drip, as stress consumes you?

How are you going to clean it up? There can be a cherry on top, if you choose to consume what brings purpose and pleasure. Hitting bottom is an opportunity to reflect and rebuild. Scoop by scoop, identify the negative thoughts and replace them with positive, tasteful truths. 

As you’re scooping, remember that there is an edge to the bowl, and once that mound piles up so high, it will inevitably topple over. Remember that lesson about balance? It applies when adding to the bowl, as well. “Don’t add more than you can eat” translates to “Don’t take on more than you can manage.” Set boundaries of what you are and are not willing to accept. Eliminate things that are excessive, ask for help when needed so that the bowl of ice cream is neither too full nor too empty.

Life is a forever “build” of the bowl of ice cream. And the cherry on top? That is the peace that comes when you can allow yourself to accept the imperfect, ask for what you need to keep your bowl full and enjoy the process of building you.



Janice Cardinale
Janice Cardinale

Janice Cardinale has been named a Woman to Watch, a Top 100 Entrepreneur by Smart Meetings magazine and a powerful woman by Reiimagine in 2022. She is a heart-centric leader, visionary, mentor and change maker. As an editor, facilitator and speaker, she talks on mental health and is leading the newly formed EVENT MINDS matter, a community for event professionals, building brave spaces to amplify the industry's conversation on mental health.  She is the board chair for Seneca College’s event management and creative design program and has opened up her own charity under the name of “Giving Butterflies.”  Janice is passionate about global trends, human connection, the future of events and people.