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5 Ways to Boost Employee Loyalty With an Offsite Meeting

october post

By: Meet at Inc. Team | Oct 19, 2018

In today’s job market, employers want to attract and retain the best talent. Research shows that quick turnover can drain a company financially - up to two times the cost of the employee’s annual salary. By treating your employees to a company offsite, you can boost employee loyalty, productivity, engagement, and revenue!

  1. Show them love!  Take them to a luxury space for an offsite meeting.  By bringing staff outside their boring office walls, you can invigorate their creativity! Work environments displaying artwork positively impact employee creativity, which in turn drive innovation on business projects.
  2. Feed them from some of the best restaurants in the local area.  A few examples in NYC - Momofuko Milk Bar, Shake Shake and Balthazaar.  Your team will appreciate the chance to relax while trying delicious, new food during breakfast, lunch, and breaks.
  3. Let them kick their feet up + relax while they are meeting.  Spaces that are filled with soft seating to create an comfortable work environment. This comfortable environment is designed to break down team barriers and elevate communication. Employees will feel more empowered and better able to collaborate.
  4. Bond … with Puppies, Art and Music!  You can plan a fun activity - anything from rooftop yoga sessions, which improve attention, focus, creativity, and cognition, to interactive cello performances to puppy parties!
  5. Have them express their individuality. According to a LinkedIn study, 51% of employees say “having opportunities to freely express themselves” makes them feel a sense of belonging at work.

Thank you to MEET for this is great post!


Meet at Inc. Team

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