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A Message from Cindy Novotny – Master Connection Associates


By: Cindy Novotny | Jun 19, 2020

“The world shut down for renovation and now we are all getting ready for the biggest Grand Opening of our life.” This is how I feel, and my thoughts shared with you on our webinar highlighted this critical time in our life.

Everyone goes back to zero when the rules change, and our rules were changed beyond our wildest imagination. Three months ago so many people stood in shock wondering how they would ever get through this. My idea was to refocus, recharge and reenergize myself and my team, and realize that we would be better after COVID-19 than we were before, if we went into action.

Thus, began my journey. I flew home from Dubai the end of March when everything began to shut down. I still had trips to Houston and Pebble Beach that I took, and on March 16th I began my first webinar. As of today, I have completed more than 90 webinars over three months. We knew that to win in this environment we had to stay connected, so “zoomed in” and “zoomed out” became the mantra. Our consistent message to sales professionals was to stay in touch with their clients whether they were furloughed, laid off or even, sadly, let go. 

Knowing that your personal brand is all you can count on, we held coaching sessions, webinars, and one-on-one chats with those who needed someone to talk to and help staying focused and positive. My direction was always the same: Be curious, optimistic, open for new ideas and always in communication via the phone, Zoom, or other social media platforms, but avoid sending random emails. 

We suggested on every call that each sales professional create a value proposition for every one of their key accounts and learn to ask questions, listen, and create solutions that would help their meeting planners, travel advisors, event planners, DMCs and anyone with whom they worked. This value proposition gave people a reason to connect, and more importantly, gave clients great suggestions for solving some systemic problems.

Now we are coming out of COVID-19, and we need to be ready to adjust our marketing strategies once again. Our job as leaders is to alleviate anxiety, provide solidarity, live in the moment, have an incredible sense of urgency, and pay attention to your tone on social media. Leaders also need to be compassionate, have clarity, create ongoing communication and dialogue, and most importantly, have confidence and certainty of what the plan is going forward – even when we all are grabbing at straws and trying to figure it out. As a true hospitality professional, I believe we need to put the heart back into hospitality. We need to pay attention and refocus, retool, retrench, and finally, we will be able to rebound!

As I mentioned on the webinar, when I am at a loss for words or ideas, I reach out to my dad and ask for help. He suggested that I go back to what I have done in the past to get myself over a hurdle, and one thing I thought of was looking at books that gave me strength and ideas. My inspiration returned when I remembered reading The Popcorn Report written in 1991 by Faith Popcorn. Faith is a futurist and predicted 10 trends in 1991 that would take us into the future, and WOW, have they all become a reality.

The Top Trends…

  1. Cocooning
  2. Fantasy Adventure
  3. Small Indulgences
  4. Egonomics
  5. Cashing Out
  6. Down Aging
  7. Staying Alive
  8. The Vigilante Consumer
  9. 99 Lives
  10. SOS – Save Our Society

Today I ask that you create your “next normal” strategy on how you will move forward and get business back. Everyone says to be resilient, and you have never met anyone more WILDLY RESILIENT than me! How you handle yourself today will determine your success in the future. As Mark Twain said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

You can follow me along the way on any of my social media platforms or simply reach out via email to connect.  cindynovotny@masterconnection.com; www.masterconnection.com 

Instagram: @cindy_novotny
Facebook: Cindy Novotny
Twitter: @cindynovotny
LinkedIn: Cindy Novotn



Cindy Novotny
Cindy Novotny
Consultant, Speaker, Executive Facilitator, Managing Partner at Master Connection Associates

As the founder of Master Connection Associates, Cindy Novotny is an international icon in the hospitality industry. Her specialties are leadership, sales, and customer service excellence. A “Radical Mentor” for many, Cindy’s straightforward, no-nonsense leadership approach delivers results and changes behavior. Her style, expertise and approach led to a Board of Directors position with The Miss America Foundation to assist in moving the organization to a new level.

She is recognized by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), as one of nine most powerful, innovative, and passionate speakers in the industry. HSMAI awarded Cindy the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award in Hospitality for her exemplary contribution to the industry. Her ability to close the “gap” with senior executives and line employees has earned her firm a revered reputation in many industries.

Her exposure is vast including a feature in The Wall Street Journal, broadcasting on the BBC and sharing the stage with global leaders at luxury events.

Cindy has spoken at several MPI events throughout her career, and most recently has been featured on several webinars with global industry leaders in the hospitality and meetings industry. She is known for her no-nonsense approach to leading her team and running her business.

Energy, passion, and drive guarantee Cindy’s message will captivate each person in her audience. Her targeted message and popularity have no boundaries as she addresses groups across the world. Her charisma and humor, combined with in-depth knowledge, bring an audience alive with reality-based skills and cutting-edge training technology. In her book LIVING WITH NO BALANCE…And Loving It, Cindy challenges people to feel good about trying to do it all and living in a less than balanced world. Her message applies to anyone wanting a fulfilling life. A true “road warrior,” she travels almost 50 weeks per year.

Master Connection Associates is a premiere international consulting and training firm specializing in service, sales, and leadership performance. The firm’s expertise contributed to The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company earning an unprecedented two Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards. On behalf of The Ritz-Carlton, MCA formed and operated The Ritz-Carlton Learning Institute. During almost 14 years of operation, the Institute worked with countless companies wishing to benchmark The Ritz-Carlton to improve their own customer service delivery.

Today, clients include hotels, travel advisors, automotive, legal, healthcare, retail, financial, real estate, and even community police departments. Cindy is in the final stages of her second book, My Secret to Stamina, which will be out in late 2020.


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