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CMP Spotlight: Lindsay Nation


By: Hannah Richter | Aug 22, 2022

Name: Lindsay Nation

Organization: CVS Health 

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A cop or teacher 

How did you get into the meeting industry?

While in college, I did not have a clue as to what I truly wanted for my major discipline to be. This resulted in changing majors’ multiple times and I struggled as everyone around me had their game plan. I attended a small private university that “since 1913, curriculum has focused heavily on application and integration of concepts, which allow graduates to meet the expectations and demands of employers. As one of the largest, private, not-for-profit colleges, offered an extensive list of degree programs from traditional business to graphic design, networking, psychology, nursing and accounting. Still, with all those options, I couldn’t pin point a career I thought I would love; so what does everyone do when they can’t decide on a career, they major in Business Administration.

Fast forward three years and it was time for my internship. After approaching my Counselor, the first words out of her mouth were, “unfortunately we do not have any paid internships left to fill.” Are you kidding me? I am going to work ten hours a week for free. A few moments later is when my life changed forever. She told me about an opportunity at the local radio station in the Events and Promotions department. You see, I was always the person to organize friends’ birthdays, family vacations, girls’ nights and school events.  This was music to my ears. She said “I have been holding this one, as I thought it would be the perfect fit for you.” I had an interview that week, and started the following week. After day one, I could finally complete the sentence “When I grow up…. I want to be an Event Planner.” 

How did you hear about the CMP designation and what drew you to obtain the certification? 

With every career, certifications prove you've mastered skills necessary for advancement and makes you marketable and relevant to employers. Certifications also prove that you are committed to our professional growth. After being in the industry a few years and learning how important obtaining your CMP is, I started researching what I need to do to obtain my certification. 

How has earning the CMP designation impacted/benefited your career? 

Earning my CMP, has given me the opportunity to join a group of certified and skilled professionals, and has been the perfect opportunity to grow my professional network. The CMP has also allowed me to deepen my understanding of the events industry which has proven to advance my career. 

What advice would you give to someone considering the CMP and/or someone preparing to take the exam?

Plan to study 6 months to a year ahead of your exam day. Read the study material front to back 2-3 times, and join a study group. I highly recommend Joanne Dennison’s CMP Master Class as well as her YouTube videos. Just because you have been in the industry for years, don’t think you know everything (I was this person). 



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Hannah Richter

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