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Overall Excellence Chapter Award

Give – Get – Grow

Our Chapter thrives; it depends on your involvement. Whether it’s attending educational events and the Educational Institute or contributing to and bidding at our Winter Auction and all our other events, it’s your participation that makes it all work.

You like participating; you love contributing – are you ready for leading? If your answer is “Yes!”, then we invite you to submit your application to be considered for a position on our Board of Directors. Being on the Board involves you directly in shaping the future of our Chapter. You’ve participated, you’ve volunteered, now it’s time for you to lead.

Each year, the MPI New England chapter’s Nominating Committee recommends a slate of candidates to serve on the Chapter Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee consists of planners and suppliers who are in good standing and are familiar and active in chapter functions and events. Complete the Board Application Form to submit your name or the name of a peer for a position on the Board. 

The Board of Directors comprises New England chapter members serving as Directors, as well as Vice Presidents, who comprise the Executive Committee in addition to the Office of the President. Active chapter members in good standing are eligible for nomination and election to any elective office. For Executive Committee positions, ideally the member should have previous service on the Board of Directors. New England Executive Committee and New England Director positions are available for the 2023-2024 term.

MPI Board of Directors Qualifications:

  • be a member in good standing

  • be willing to fulfill the obligations of office, in the capacity indicated

  • have a history of involvement, accomplishment, and dependable service to MPI

  • be willing to contribute time, energy, and creativity to the chapter with the consent of your employer

Serving on the Board is not only demanding and challenging, it is also gratifying. Consider becoming a leader in a chapter of the largest organization of meeting professionals. It is your chance to contribute to the growth and professionalism of our chapter.

Before committing to a board position, please review the Board Job Descriptions.  In addition, consider the following responsibilities of all board members:

  • must attend and participate in 6 board meetings (generally held virtually)

  • must submit a board report each month with fellow committee members

  • attendance at monthly chapter meetings is strongly encouraged

  • attendance at the two-day annual retreat in April/May, as well as the two-day midyear retreat in January, is essential

  • and other responsibilities as outlined in the committee description section

Proposed Board Application Timeline (subject to change at the discretion of the Nominations Committee):

  • Applications open on November 1, 2022

  • Application window closes at 5pm on November 30, 2022

  • Eligible Applicant Interview Period - December 5, 2022- January 6, 2023

  • Final Executive slate proposed to the current Board of Directors by January 12, 2023 Board Meeting

  • Final 2023-2024 Board of Director slate sent to full chapter membership for contestation/acceptance on January 27, 2023

  • Final Board of Director slate sent to MPI Global for confirmation March 1, 2023

If you are willing to make a serious commitment to our membership, 270 members strong, then I encourage you to apply to the 2023-2024 MPI New England Board of Directors.

The Board Application Form must be completed by 5pm on November 30, 2022.




Kate Page, CMP, CMM

MPI New England Immediate Past President




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