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A conversation with Levi's Stadium

Levi's Stadium

By: MPI Northern California Chapter | May 3, 2022

Levi's Stadium 2

A conversation with Catherine Lentz, Director, Special Events
Forty Niners Stadium Management Company
Venue: Levi’s® Stadium


  1. How are you helping customers to rethink a traditionally indoor event into your unique and/or outdoor spaces?

    Many of our premium indoor club spaces offer access to field facing patios, two of which open up directly to the playing field. This feature provides clients with the flexibility to host an event indoors with an outdoor component, or focus primarily on the outdoor space with access to the indoor area as needed. Another valuable feature at Levi’s Stadium is our lower bowl seating area, also connected to our premium club spaces. We have worked with clients to design programs that incorporate a stage on the field and seating for up to 3,000 guests in the bowl seats. If the program includes slides or video content, we can utilize our two large gameday video boards to display the content and avoid adding extra screens to the stage.
  1. How are you coming up with ways to repurpose your existing spaces for new uses?

    Since officially reopening in July of 2021, we have been focusing on all of our outdoor spaces and how we can use them as primary event space. From receptions and happy hours on our plazas, to movie nights on our decks and patios, to intimate dinners on the field, we are constantly thinking about unique ways to utilize our large outdoors spaces. We have found that many clients who had a “template” before COVID, are now open to new formats and unique activations as their goals are achieved. We like to start with understanding the objective of the event and how we can help our clients achieve their goals. From there, we can make recommendations and curate an event experience based on what we know will be successful.  
  1. What new challenges has this presented you and your team with?

    Indoor spaces provide the most controlled environment when it comes to temperature, weather, noise interference, etc. In the past we have focused on our indoor spaces and added outdoor spaces as needed, now the model has been flipped. What we used to execute inside from an AV and food and beverage standpoint, is now moving outside and there are many more factors to consider. With outdoor events, it’s imperative that clients understand the experience and feel comfortable with the options. What might seem like a challenge at first, could actually turn into a unique and memorable event so long as all parties are on the same page.
  1. What is the smallest group event you can take on?  And the largest?

    When most people think of an NFL stadium they think of a massive venue that hosts sporting events, concerts and other entertainment events. However, when the stadium is not active for a large public event, we are more often hosting meetings, conferences, receptions, and social events. Our private events have ranged in size from 15 guests using a small meeting spaces, to 15,000 guests utilizing the entire stadium.
  1. How many unique meeting spaces does your venue offer?

    Levi’s Stadium has nine unique indoor meeting spaces and around six unique outdoor meeting spaces, including the bowl seats and the field. The spaces can be activated individually or combined for larger square footage opportunities and dynamic event activations. For example, we can accommodate up to 300 guests for a general session in the United Club and add on 3 additional club spaces, located below and above the United Club, for easy access during an all-day meeting or conference.  
  1. What would you like people to know who might be on the fence about considering a non-traditional venue such as yours?

    If you are local to the venue, call the sales team and set up a site visit. Unique venues are best experienced in-person where you can understand how the spaces connect to one another and what kind of experience the guests will have. Whether it’s entering the stadium through one of our main plazas or walking out onto the turf from our field level clubs, it’s an experience you and your guests will never forget and it starts with a site visit. If you cannot visit the venue, set up a virtual tour and ask for past photos of events and unique experiences offered at that venue.


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