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August 24, 2022
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Committee Chair/Co-Chair Interest Form


The most important part to MPINCC’s success is its volunteers and the leaders that rise from this membership. The first step to the leading this chapter is the role of a committee chair and co-chair. These two roles provide members skill training not necessarily offered in their current workplaces.

MPINCC chairs lead committees of 6 or more volunteers to accomplish the committee’s objectives defined in the yearly business plan and meet chapter’s goals outlined by MPI Global. In this role, a member will learn budget management, mentorship and delegation while being the direct contact to the board and MPINCC office.

A co-chair works with the chair in reaching yearly goals and assists with following up on the committee’s tasks and reporting the team’s progress. The co-chair role is designed to help a member gain experience in project management, collaboration and get familiar with the MPINCC internal operations.

If you are interested in taking this first step on the MPINCC leadership path as a chair or co-chair and you are a current member of MPI, please complete this form.





4. MPINCC offers many volunteer opportunities to improve career skills. Please check ONLY the top 3 skills you would like to improve.*

5. Think about the committees on which you would prefer to serve as chair or co-chair. Check your top three (3) committee choices in this list.

6. Would you be interested in moving into an MPINCC board position in the future?*


If you have any questions regarding the committee chair/co-chair roles, please contact


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