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By: Lexi Pettigrew | Jun 10, 2020

On 14th May, Meeting Design Institute and MPI UK & Ireland hosted a masterclass for those wanting to learn how to be Zoom masters and capture an audience through a screen. 

In case you missed it, Susan Arslan has shared her top tips and takeaways:

1. If you’re hosting an important presentation, don’t trust wifi. I repeat: do not trust wifi. The best option is to use your ethernet cable and plug straight in to the router for a foolproof presentation experience. If that's not an option? Have your mobile hotspot ready for backup.

2. Close ALL other programmes that might be running in the background to free up more bandwidth. This simple action will not only protect your presentation from being slowed down or from freezing, but it also enhances camera and microphone quality. On top of that, you won't run the risk of your virtual audience seeing a chat or email pop up that they shouldn't see!

3. Raise your hand if you have delivered a great presentation and expect a lot of engagement during the Q&A only to end with crickets on the line. The solution is simple and only requires a minor adjustment to your verbiage. Change the"Q&A", which can be quite passive, to "C&I" – Conversations and Input. Then, harness the power of virtual breakout rooms and put delegates into smaller groups to encourage greater interaction, involvement and networking.

Thanks to Meeting Design Institute, you're ready to Zoom into your next virtual presentation with confidence. 



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Lexi Pettigrew
MPI UK & Ireland, VP of Communications


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