Joyful January Workshop Recap

By: Humberto Benavente | Feb 17, 2021

January it is usually one of the most depressing months of the year, therefore MPI UK & Ireland decided to continue the joy of the holiday season, asking Sarah Routman to guide us on a journey of letting loose and laughing out loud.

The evening promised to be of “childlike fun, playfulness and joyful experiences unlike anything you’ve experienced before”, and it literally was. It was a relaxed environment where we all felt like the rolling-on-the-floor laughing emoji .

After the exercises, we felt lighter and more relaxed wishing that we could do this everyday before an important day of work.

Sarah did a tremendous jobs to keep us all engaged and having a joyful moment.

We hope that event organisers will plan more events and breakout sessions like this to lighten the moods and remind everyone around us that laughter can heal us in many ways. After all, this industry is one of the most stressful jobs which is all the more reason to take care of our mental and physical well-being.

Helen Moon is no stranger to this subject as the Founder of EventWell. Helen shared with us a bit about the organisation and her hopes for more partnership on MPI events in the future. She also won the prize for giggliest participant and spread joy to many others who laughed simply because she was laughing! 

Bernadette Palombo from the Events Professionals Journal sponsored this event and gave away three copies of her journal which put a cherry on top of the cake.

If you joined us, we hope you enjoyed the event and and have a great positive start of the year. If you missed out this time, we hope that we see you soon for MPI UK & Ireland Insights in March - stay tuned for more information!



Humberto Benavente


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