The do's and dont's of social recruiting from Robert Kenward

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By: Hannah Lee | Feb 28, 2022

Robert Kenward, Fitability Recruiter at You Search & Select and founder of The Hub gives MPI members some advice on social recruiting:

Every company needs to have a recruitment policy which is created and implemented way before they need to recruit, and one major part of that policy should be focused on ‘social recruiting’.

Companies have their own external communication channels, but social recruiting isn’t just about sticking a job advert on a website and sharing it. To do it properly a company needs to convey their brand; one that will resonate with the talent that they’d like to attract, BEFORE they need to attract it.

A careers page on your website is a good first step and social media is also an important social recruiting tool; think now about the content you are sharing, don’t wait until you need to recruit.

PR is also important – nominate your team for some of the industry ‘rising star’ type awards.

Building a great employer brand will also have a positive impact on your consumer brand; your clients will love to hear how great a company you are and how you value your teams. Recruitment is a two-way process; don’t assume that everyone will want to work for your company just because you are recruiting.

Take a good hard look at your employer brand and act now to ensure yours is the one that everyone wants to work for.

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Hannah Lee


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