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WEBINAR: How to Lead a High Converting Sales Team

20 August, 2019
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Ruth Robinson
Phone: 01212274838

This webinar workshop is designed as a senior level discussion for hotel/venue, agency and CVB directors that manage sales teams. 

With an average group conversion rate of 15-20% in the industry, we must ask 2 questions –
1. What difference would it make to your profitability if conversion rates were increased by even 5%?
2. Why are conversion rates so low?

Ciara Feely, subject matter expert for MPI on the sales process, will share her observations of working with global sales teams. Ciara will share practical case studies and success stories on how to help your team WIN more.

We will explore the sales cycle from your client’s - the decision maker’s point of view and discuss industry practice in designing the sales process, lead generation and conversion tactics. The aim is to walk you through the steps to make sales teams more profitable & productive.
Learner outcomes:
• An Action Plan for Profitability in the sales process.
• The One thing to focus on each day to generate more revenue.
• Short term habits to develop for your team to make them more profitable.

Bring a pen and paper – this webinar will be interactive. Your thoughts and ideas are welcome as we can learn from each other.

From speaking to people after the session this is what they said:
“Thank you so much for such an inspiring session, it was just what I needed”.
"I was promoted to Director level because I was good at sales. What I didn't realise is that leading a team requires a very different skill set."

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