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journeys in the heart of Luxembourg.

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Luxembourg Air Rescue

4 March 2024  • 14:30-17:30

Learning Journey: Luxembourg Air Rescue


Visit Luxembourg Air Rescue (LAR), a private and humanitarian organisation and the sole provider of air rescue services in Luxembourg and a certified partner of the United Nations for disaster relief missions. With 190 employees, LAR is dedicated to saving lives and rescuing those in distress in Luxembourg and in the Greater Region 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Gain behind-the-scenes access and visit LAR's life-saving equipment including one of its seven rescue helicopters or four state-of-the-art ambulance jets (if available) as well as a tour of the alert center and maintenance area.




Team Harmony + Historic Theatre Tour

4 March 2024 • 14:30-17:30

Learning Journey: Team Harmony Goes to the Movies


Journey out to the cinema for a unique session in a unique facility; after all, it is Luxembourg Film Festival season. Join Song Division for their all-new Team Harmony experience and discover how the future of work calls for agile leaders who can engage teams and achieve results and how you can develop high-performing leaders.

This learning journey is YOUR leadership development journey, packed with tactics based on six fundamental elements: team cohesion, storytelling, belonging, feedback, creativity and engagement. Backed by the power of song in a movie theatre!

How it works:
World-class musicians and qualified facilitators apply the science of music to amp up the fun and help you connect authentically with your peers. You'll write an original song and get a first-hand experience of how music brings people together.




The Beyond 2050 Time Machine + L√ętzebuerg City Museum

4 March 2024 • 14:30-17:30

Learning Journey: The Beyond 2050 Time Machine + Lëtzebuerg City Museum


Journey to 2050 and unleash your creative future thinking. In this sensory experience, hear the sounds, experience the smells, glimpse the sights and escape to a world quite different from this one.

Once you're there, work together to navigate the challenges and spot the opportunities, finding creative ways to prepare yourself and our industry. Work in small groups finding ways to develop and retune optimism, challenge barriers and channel your creative powers.

This session utilises scenario development and future planning workshops that are part of Leeds Beckett University's "futurETHinking" project, a longitudinal study that explores how to support events, tourism and hospitality industries in preparing for uncertain futures.

With your newfound understanding of future opportunities, explore the All You Can Eat: Humans & Their Food exhibition at the Lëtzebuerg City Museum.

Humans are permanently dependent on food. And since time immemorial, we have been subject to constraints and restrictions when it comes to eating - for climatic, economical or cultural reasons. The exhibition examines which factors influence our diet, how this relationship has changed historically and what side effects our eating habits have on our environment.

How do religious customs, local traditions and global value chains affect our food culture today? How can global food security be guaranteed in the face of a rapidly growing world population? And what is “good” nutrition anyway?

Using examples from Luxembourg, the exhibition attempts to shed light on the relationship between people and their food. It follows the path of food from production to processing to consumption and also ventures a look at the eating habits of the future.




We Know It All + Food Tasting (in the Dark)

4 March 2024 • 14:30-17:30

Learning Journey: We Know It All + Food Tasting (in the Dark)


Journey to the Novotel Luxembourg Kirchbert for a sensory experience in the dark with a surprise, private tasting prepared by Chef Christophe Mannebach featuring four sweet assortments and a waiter-guided experience. Debrief at the end and discover and discuss what you've tasted.

Then, join experience leader Eric de Groot for a look into the future of face-to-face meetings with a deep example of effective and meaningful group work.

Discover how to harvest the wisdom of the participants effectively, and why doing so is critical to the success of face-to-face meetings.

What are the secrets of effective group work? Encounter the answer discovered by global audiences during 17 worldwide book launches, zooming in on the characteristics of face-to-face versus online meetings.

BONUS: At the end, industry experts will address the most prevalent challenge presented by the groups. Who are they? You will find out.




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