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3 March 2024  • 16:30-18:00

Bridging Divides: Promoting Cultural Understanding and Integration in a Diverse World

Özlem Cekic made history as the first individual with a minority background to be elected on to the Danish Nursing Association’s board. During her time as a member of parliament, she became well known for her unwavering commitment to her values despite facing resistance. With her focus on cultural diversity and advocacy, Cekic will share strategies for building bridges instead of perpetuating divisions, enabling cultural integration and fostering a sense of unity within communities. 

Gain insights into Özlem’s encounters with individuals from different backgrounds, challenging the notion of avoiding tough conversations and encouraging empathy. And discover the benefits of cultural diversity in workplaces and learn how to create an inclusive environment that values and harnesses the strengths of diverse employees.

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The Keynote Curators




4 March 2024 • 09:30-10:15

More A-Ha, Less Blah: Eliminating Delegate Fatigue in the New Era of Events

Create and deliver new significance for every conference and generate real returns on investment with higher audience engagement through professionally crafted extensions and delivery of your overall messaging. Discover the best structures and formats for today's attendees and how to engage and satisfy delegates, allowing you to achieve the following.

Fuel Attention: Understand pre-conference planning and how to develop relevant materials and infographics that stimulate interest and excitement to create engagement, as well as introduce the event theme and its story to successfully promote your message to all interested parties.

Ignite Engagement: Thought leadership and content must be successfully communicated from the stage by re-imagining audience engagement. You'll discover relevant conference facilitation techniques, as well as how and when to utilise audience interaction to create properly stimulated real-time conversations between audience members and speakers.

Accelerate Conversation: Extending the messaging life of your event is critical. Learn about infographic reporting, social media-style speaker summaries and unique reporting techniques, all designed to maximise budget and deliver a strategic, measurable return on investment.




5 March 2024 • 09:30-10:15

Dare to Be Different

What qualities make one person stand out in a crowd or make the world’s most famous brands so successful? What can you do to give yourself that kind of cutting edge in an ever more competitive world? What can ensure we perform at the highest level? Discover your own unique brilliance and how you can achieve success in life and business.

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The Keynote Curators




Ruud Janssen: Event Design Collective Panel

5 March 2024 • 12:30-13:30

Why Events Fail ... and What to Do About It: Your New, Interactive Competency Diagnostic

Speakers: Ruud Janssen, Ingrid Rip, Dennis Luijer, Roel Frissen

To understand the Top 10 reasons why events fail, the Event Design Collective began an intensive research project starting at IMEX 2023 in Frankfurt. That initial query became the first instalment of an ongoing, evidence-based research initiative that resulted in an industry-wide diagnostic that can be used to assess the strategic readiness of organisations’ event design capabilities to avoid event failure. In this world-premiere plenary, explore the Top 10 reasons why events fail and uncover valuable lessons to avoid common pitfalls. Discover four overarching pillars that represent hundreds of reasons for failure before learning the shortlist of Top 10 reasons based on responses from actual practitioners through a detailed diagnostic. Take the diagnostic yourself and receive your own Event Design Competency Diagnostic Report Card with the outcomes of your profile.




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